Weekly Bests I

As much as I love sharing my OOTDs with you, my favourite part of blogging is actually the writing aspect of it. In an attempt to get more in touch with that side of things, I decided to start a new series each week called โ€œWeekly Bestsโ€. It will give me more of a chance to reflect on how I spend my days, and also share the highlights with you ๐Ÿ™‚


Getting stuck in the work grind is all too easy, especially with my odd working hours of 6:30am โ€“ 3pm (sometimes finishing later, and working weekends as well). I find myself sacrificing time out with my friends in order to be responsible and go to bed early, and itโ€™s often easier to just sit on my bed with Netflix and a book.

This week I broke out of my weekday ennui, and went out not once, but TWICE! Instead of feeling tired at work, I was actually invigorated. I think time out with my friends was actually what I needed :), and making the choice to go out was definitely the best thing I did this week.

On Tuesday I headed to Lavelle with my good friend Jon, where we sat on the rooftop by the shallow pool and watched the sun set over the skyline. It was one of those perfect summer evenings where the light makes everything look like a vintage photograph.


On Wednesday I celebrated my beautiful friend Janetโ€™s birthday with her and my bestie, Alison. We went to Kiin, a trendy new Thai restaurant in the Entertainment District. We shared gorgeous cocktails (the Coco Colada was my favourite) and intricately prepared dishes. I never stop laughing when Iโ€™m with these two ๐Ÿ™‚


Itโ€™s rare that Iโ€™ll ever read anything non-fiction, but I picked up Grit by Angela Duckworth from the library, and so far itโ€™s been a very motivational read. I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s categorized as a self-help book, but that is how Iโ€™m reading it. I finished the first part, and it totally lit a fire under my butt. I took a good look at my goals this year, and realized that Iโ€™m hitting a plateau in the personal development department. One thing Iโ€™m doing to change that is working harder at scheduling and writing blog posts. Stay tuned for more ๐Ÿ™‚

I also came across this article, which reports on a cafรฉ in Japan that employs people with dementia, to bring awareness about the disease. Itโ€™s called The Restaurant of Order Mistakes which just absolutely warms my heart. I would LOVE if Toronto opened up something similar!

BEST THING I ATEPhoto from Toronto Life

The Mieng pla at Kiin was pretty spectacular. It consists of a whole sea bream fish, which is brought to the table first for you to see, before being prepared and deboned. Itโ€™s served with Thai kale leaves, vermicelli noodles, almonds (I think, or hazelnuts?), and a chilli sauce to make wraps with the meat of the sea bream. The mix of flavours was so interesting and delicious!

A notable mention would be the lemonade I had at the Loveless Cafรฉ. I would argue that itโ€™s the best lemonade Iโ€™ve ever had! That could also be because Iโ€™m in a Lemonade-y mood after listening to Beyonceโ€™s album all over again.


I pulled my navy trousers from &Other Stories out, and paired them with a black tank I bought in the sales from Aritzia. I finished the ensemble with my new structured bag from Kate Spade, and my classic black Ferragamo flats. I love a good black-and-navy combination!


As I mentioned before, I listened to Beyonceโ€™s Lemonade again in its entirety. It is sooo good. I especially love the song Sandcastles โ€“ at 2:57 I get goosebumps all over my body HOLY EMOTION!!

Lordeโ€™s newest album, Melodrama, is also a winner. I love every single song, especially Writer in the Dark (guess Iโ€™m all about the ballads this summer?) and Sober II. I keep singing โ€œoh how fast the evening passes, cleaning up the champagne glassesโ€ over in my head!


RuPaulโ€™s Drag race is on Netflix, and if thatโ€™s not the best thing Iโ€™ve seen all week then I donโ€™t know what is. Itโ€™s a miracle this blog post is actually even up, because when I wasnโ€™t out with my friends I was glued to the screen. The world needs more DRAG!!

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