Rebellion Against the Tie

Today’s menswear style post features a piece which is not commonly seen everyday – a turtleneck. They’re easier to wear than you’d think! Especially when paired with a blazer in a complimentary shade, and understated accessories.

This turtleneck is from the mecca of basic pieces and easy-to-wear clothing – The Gap. But it’s not just your typical turtleneck:
Every year, GQ chooses the Best New Men’s Designers in America to collaborate on a capsule collection with the GAP. This year’s pieces (including this turtleneck) by David Hart were my favourite.

 The whole collection was designed in cool shades, with inspiration drawn from the “classic mid-century American uniform”. The pieces may be inspired by a past era, but they are just as easy to wear in a modern way – and add a sophistication that’s hard to match in today’s day and age.




Let’s be honest, blazers look best when you’ve got a nice shirt and tie on, and you’ll most likely see this blazer paired with just that in a future OOTD post. But yesterday when Jocelyn took this picture, I was feeling rebellious…
and I really just wanted to tell you about the awesome David Hart collection.


Turtles and squares…


Steve Jobs vibes.


Wingtips are a classic, and are even better when worn confidently with patterned socks.


Sideview 🙂

Turtleneck – David Hart x GQ x GAP / Blazer – H&M / Pants, Belt and Socks – J.Crew / Shoes – Cole Haan / Sunglasses – Ray-Ban


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