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Gift Guide: For your Wifey

December 15, 2015 3 Comments

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Jocelyn's Wish List

Your S.O. should be the easiest person to cross off your gift list, right? In my experience, not so! I’ve had so many of my guy friends admit to me that they have no idea what to get their gfs. I don’t think it’s a matter of not knowing their bae well enough, I think there are just an overwhelming amount of choices out there!

I put together my own personal gift guide – these are items that I actually love! I would say that this guide is a good starting point, and should provide inspiration for the kinds of gifts your lady desires.


The Necessity
Sometimes buying a practical gift is the best way to go! It can be as basic as getting your gf’s tires changed for her, or in my case, glasses with my new prescription.
I’ve been wearing my old prescription for so long now, I think my vision is going to deteriorate even more. I just don’t want to pull the trigger and buy new ones, since I have so many already, and my benefits are used up for the 2015 – 2016 period.
I am in LOVE with these funky shades from Bailey Nelson. Practical and stylish!


The Tech Accessory
We’re all slaves to our smartphones, tablets, and computers. We hold them in our hands, and look at them probably more than anything else all day! Why don’t you glamorize her gadgets with a cute new case? This would make a great stocking stuffer as well 🙂
iPad mini case


Home Furnishings
A lot of my friends are starting to move out and decorate their own places now. A nice gift idea would be to get her that piece of furniture or decor she’s been eyeing for awhile. My taste runs on the eclectic side, so I picked out this Bluetooth Gramophone from Restoration Hardware. It actually amplifies the sound with an old school phonograph speaker! It kind of looks like it’s straight out of a Dalí painting 🙂


This is an easy one! I love getting perfume as a gift. Most guys already know which perfume their girlfriends wear, so it’s just a matter of restocking. Think of this as a practical gift as well! She wears it everyday, so why not buy her a new bottle before she runs out?
I normally wear Sì by Armani (as do two of my close girlfriends!), but I just tried out Love by Chloe from a little sample and adore it. 


The Splurge
She cried when she saw the price tag, she goes to the shop to visit the item once a week, she is sure her very being would be transformed if she just added this item to her wardrobe. This is the dream item. It’s different for every girl! Maybe your girlfriend dreams about that Burton snowboard, or perhaps it’s a bracelet from Tiffany’s. For me, it is and will always be shoes. This year, specifically these shoes.


For the Fitness Junkie
For all the girls who hit the gym, or for all the girls want to, a Fitbit is a great way to help achieve all types of fitness goals. If she already has one, why not get her a new pair of runners or a Class Pass subscription so she can try a new work out?


For the Fashionista
The style-conscious lady in your life will undoubtedly appreciate a little luxury item. These fur-trimmed gloves fit the bill quite nicely. They’re what I like to call a “transformer” – a transformer takes any ordinary outfit and turns it up to eleven. These gloves for instance, add glamour to even the plainest of sleeves. Her boring black wool coat will instantly be Breakfast at Tiffany’s ready with just such a pair:
Fur-Trimmed Gloves


For the Old Soul
First of all, subscription boxes are the BEST. They’re the gift that keeps on giving! I got my BFFL a beauty subscription box awhile ago, and months later she was still happily sending me pictures each time she received a new box in the mail!
Second of all, this stationery box is adorable. One of my resolutions for the new year is going to be to start sending more snail mail, and getting new cards every month will certainly help me to keep at that lofty goal. Want to be penpals? 🙂
Stationery Subscription Box


For the Bookworm
I’ve rarely come across someone who doesn’t like receiving a book as a gift. Are you one of these people? Please comment and let me know why! I personally love getting books, especially when they come as recommendations. Have you heard this quote…

François Mauriac — ‘Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are is true enough, but I’d know you better if you told me what you reread.’

Or better still, if you love the book so much that you’d be willing to buy it for someone else!

If you don’t have any recommendations, then perhaps buy her a book that suits her interests. For me, it would definitely be The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda Grant.


So I hope this list helped you out a little bit! Remember in the end, the best gifts are happy experiences because those memories last forever <3 (ok gross, that’s enough cheese for one day. Go pull out your AMEX.) xoxox


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  • Nimira December 16, 2015 at 4:22 pm

    Tell Azim, he can buy me that fitbit accessory 🙂

  • Michelle K December 19, 2015 at 9:57 am

    Joce! That stationary kit is amazing! thanks for finding and sharing. You just made my stationary dreams come true! xo

    • jocelyncaithness December 19, 2015 at 10:46 am

      Isn’t it great?? I love it too!!
      Thanks for reading <3 you make my day! xox

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