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Look Good, Stay Warm

February 5, 2016 1 Comment

coat collage

Look cute, Stay Warm! was Jocelyn’s take on how to dress warmly this winter. Since, I’m not nearly as cute as her, I’ll just call it “Look Good” and play it safe…

Today, I’m sharing five different outfits that incorporate my winter staples:


When you have an important meeting, interview or you’re taking your special someone out for a date this winter, showing up in a top coat looks a lot better than your parka. These coats aren’t meant for freezing weather, but if you invest in a good quality, wool version then you can wear it more frequently. I always prefer a dressier look. Top coats these days come in a variety of really sweet patterns and textures – I’m wearing a herringbone version here. Every winter warrior has a top coat with their name on it; go find yours.


When I left Toronto to study in Vancouver (almost 6 years ago!), this peacoat was the first ‘grown-up’ jacket that I bought. And I must say, it’s given me great wear over the last few years. The peacoat is definitely your go-to during the fall and early winter months, and in my opinion looks best when you pair it with accessories like the scarf I’m wearing here. With proper care (and diligent visits to the dry cleaner), I’m happy to say that this jacket still looks and feels good as new!


The trench coat is NOT a winter coat. But, this guy comes with a warm fleece-lining; perfect for the not-so-cold winter days we’ve been having this year in Toronto. Trench coats are usually worn during the early days of spring and fall but it was +15 yesterday (it’s FEBRUARY!) in Toronto and guess what I was sporting?


This picture needs no caption. When it gets freaking cold, shut your mouth and let the parka do the business. And yeah, in this photo shoot, I wore it open so I could show off one of my favourite ties – but when it gets cold, I’m zipped up, head down and getting to my destination as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, the parka has been known as a utility piece – you wear it to get the job done. But for almost every major brand name out there, you can still find a great, stylish, heavy-duty, winter parka. The all-weather outerwear piece is finally on board with menswear’s love affair with slim-fit clothing too. And at the end of the day, so what if you’re hiding your outfit for the sake of warmth? I think everyone can look great in them!


This year’s winter in Toronto has seen its fair share of rainy days, and if you’ve seen me walking around in this weather, you may have caught me in this cool blue raincoat. Again, this isn’t necessarily a winter jacket, but as we countdown the winter days with some blessed, early spring weather, I thought I’d throw in a spring weather look and why not – is it not #NYFWM ?

FYI, I’m not smiling like this when it’s raining.


Hope you guys enjoyed these outfit snapshots! Did I miss a go-to winter staple that you would have included? Feel free to comment and let me know and don’t forget to check out where I got some of my pieces from (listed below).

Until next time,


Coats: Top Coat – J.Crew / Peacoat – Banana Republic / Trench Coat – Banana Republic / Parka – Helly Hansen / Raincoat – Selected Homme

Everything else: Shawl-collar Cardigan – J.Crew / Chambray Tie – The Tie Bar / Pleated Trousers – J.Crew / Desert Boots – Clarks Originals / Wingtip Oxfords – Johnston & Murphy / Wool Tie – Club Monaco / Purple Houndstooth Tie – Nordstrom Men’s Shop / Chambray Shirt – J.Crew Factory / Eyeglasses – Modo / Sunglasses – Ray-Ban / Leather Gloves – J.Crew / Scarf – Polo Ralph Lauren

1 Comment

  • Lillian sutherland February 5, 2016 at 9:48 am

    Like all the looks as usual. Can’t go wrong with that handsome face.

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