His Valentine’s Day Post

What a week it’s been: Scientists confirmed Einstein’s theory of relativity when they detected gravitational waves (someone tell me what this means!), we’re having a deep freeze on the East coast, and this year’s NBA Allstar Weekend is going on in Toronto! I just finished watching one of the greatest dunk competitions in a very, very long time. Oh, and Manchester United lost. Again.

This week’s #Menswear post is a bit late! I was having some computer troubles, and had to send my computer in for a tune-up at the Apple store. I just got it back last night – just in time to give you guys some inspiration for Valentine’s Day (today).


Guys, this year, make sure you dress up extra warm because it’s freaking cold. Don’t worry, I’m not crazy – for this photo shoot Jocelyn was holding on to my winter coat while taking pictures of me so you guys can see my sweet outfit.




The blazer + cardigan: no better time than the middle of February to style the cardi-blazer combo. There are so many ways to layer, but most importantly during this time of year, it’sΒ functional. More layers = more warmth.




This is the face of a confident guy who knows what he is doing on Valentine’s day a.k.a. I actually have something planned!Β Today is going to be a good day…


Until next time,


Blazer – Club Monaco / Cardigan – Club Monaco / Shirt – J.Crew / Square – Scotch & Soda / Pants – J.Crew

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