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Yay! April showers bring…full shopping carts? Maybe not, but I can put a little wish list together – especially as I’ll be celebrating my 26th this Friday! I haven’t really gone shopping, but my little getaway to Montreal was the perfect gift. Azim and I experienced the city without worrying about work, or doing photoshoots. Apologies for the lack of posts this week, but we were able to hit pause and refresh – and damn it felt goooood πŸ™‚

Clockwise, starting from the top

Sunglasses Pouch – This is actually the perfect find!! I can’t believe I don’t already own one or ten of these! I hate carrying around the big bulky cases that my sunnies come in, but I also don’t want to risk scratching the lenses when I toss them in my purse. A soft pouch like this would take up less space, and it’s just a bonus that it’s adorable.

Banana Republic Statement Necklace – I’ve been eyeing this glittery sparkly piece for awhile now…but just haven’t made the leap to buy it. BR is always having 40% off sales, but it still hasn’t found its way into my wardrobe yet. I can picture it with a collared shirt and jean jacket πŸ™‚

Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile – I love floral fragrances. On my skin they tend to settle as a warm and sweet scent – but not sickly sweet like vanilla or apple. They stay fresh and sensual at the same time..What can I say? I’m justΒ under the floral spell!

YSL Rouge VoluptΓ© Shine in “Pink in Paris” – I’ve been searching for a good everyday lipstick for a long time, and I think this is the one! I actually prefer a formula that’s not too pigmented because I find buildable coverage more easy to wear. I also want a “my lips but better” shade, and I think this rosy pink is a good match!

Shearling Clutch – I LOVE THIS CLUTCH!

Deborah Lippmann Nail LacquerΒ in “Mermaid’s Dream” – This is another one of those items that I’ve been eyeing, but just haven’t made the leap to purchase. It seems extravagant for a nailpolish, but it’s one of those colours that would make me happy every time I glanced down at my hands. You might be rolling your eyes, but if you have a job where you type on a keyboard all day these things make a difference πŸ˜‰

The Peach Box Roman Empress Ring – The design of this ring is so elegant, and the price point is so right.

Advanced Style by Ari Cohen – All of my friends know that I’m secretly a senior citizen stuck in a 25 year old’s body. Maybe that’s why I’m so inspired by Ari’s blog Advanced Style (seriously click the link and thank me later). I hope I can age gracefully like many of these stylish ladies, but in reality I really want to dye my hair pink and eat whatever I want. This book would make a great addition to my already overflowing bookshelf!

H&M Textured Weave Jacket – This is the ideal jacket for spring! The colour is lovely, the cut is simple, and it’s very versatile. It would be appropriate for both workwear and weekend wear. Come to think of it, I think this jacket would look great with that green nailpolish, the sparkly necklace and the shearling clutch πŸ˜‰


xoxox thanks for reading! Azim and I will be back to the outfits soon! We’ve started to post a lot on SNAPCHAT @joces, in fact we documented a lot of our Montreal trip in snaps. I’m just learning how to use it (late to the party on this one), but it’s a lot of fun.

Have a great week!









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