Last-minute in Montreal

Happy Birthday, Jocelyn! WOOO!

Over the Easter long weekend, Jocelyn and I decided to have a small getaway in Montreal (I was playing in a soccer tournament there). We drove down on Thursday night and the weather was awful! It was a mix of freezing rain, snow, then more rain and just overall miserableness but we made it down safely (thanks to my driving). I won’t get into too much detail of our trip – I know Jocelyn is dying to tell you all about the city and what we were up to i.e. all the good food we ate and the fun times she had while I was playing soccer.

I was playing all day Saturday and Sunday so we couldn’t knockout any outfit pictures then. Friday and Monday were also write-offs because it rained all day! We were almost resolved to not taking any pictures for our blog while we were visiting Montreal. Except (long pause), we forget how dedicated Jocelyn is. We got these pictures done the morning before we drove back to Toronto. Hope you guys like ’em!


Still a little grumpy after being woken up. Clearly.


Cutaway collars are officially my go-to, staple dress-shirt.
I feel like the collars can still go a bit further back. Am I pushing it?


Photoshop 101: How to put two pictures beside each other.




Keeping it short today. Until next time,



Topcoat (similar) – J.Crew / Pants – J.CrewΒ / Shirt – Club Monaco / Blazer – Banana Republic / Tie – Burberry / Shoes – Hugo Boss

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