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Fall Wishlist

September 13, 2016 1 Comment




One of life’s greatest pleasures is shopping for an autumn wardrobe. Yes, it’s right up there with sipping pinot noir in a Burgundian vineyard and afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms šŸ™‚

I could spend hours admiring all the jewel-toned jackets and boots. Feeling all the rich textures that summer will never know…velvet, brocade, wool, cashmere.

Autumn brings about a beautiful modesty, as we pile on layers, and do up buttons and laces. But it’s also about taking risks and choosing details that delight and surprise.

Necklace, Banana Republic

I love the velvet ribbon on this statement necklace! So many necklaces in this style have black ribbons, which make for a more dramatic look. I think the grey and blue tones make this piece more versatile – I’d wear it right through til Spring.

Sunglasses, Linda Farrow

Big sunglasses hide all manner of sins.

Detachable Collar, CollarMePrettyCo

Pardon my French šŸ˜‰ this collar made me laugh out loud! This is a genius piece that makes layering effortless!

High Collar Blouse, Pixiemarket

This blouse is 100% up my alley. Things I love about it: the pattern. the high, ruffled neck. the ties on each sleeve. everything.

Unicorn Shirt, J.Crew

The pattern on this shirt reminds meĀ of this famous tapestry. And if there’s one easy way to sell me something, it’s to slap on a medieval piece of art/make it a challenge to wear.

Ruffle Sleeve Sweater, Shopbop

Probability that this sweater will be highly unflattering: high
Probability that I will care: low

Lace-up Ankle Boots, Jeffrey Campbell

Dear GOD these are gorgeous. Are they boots or are they ankle corsets?

I don’t think I can go through October-November without these. Equally perfect for crunching leaves or to complement a witch costume on Halloween.

Velvet Ankle Boots, Topshop

Yellow. Velvet.Ā The heel is high and the sex appeal is low. Were they made for me? Yes.
These also come in white. Sorry, wallet.

Ā Contrast Ankle Boots, Zara

If I everĀ neededĀ to justify this purchase, it would be too easy – “But, little voice in my head/ Azim / visa bill, these bootsĀ go with everything.” See? No arguing there!



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1 Comment

  • Lillian sutherland September 13, 2016 at 9:22 am

    Love all you pick for this blog.
    Great taste as always.

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