Swingin’ in the Rain

swing jacket

The best thing to do on a gloomy, rainy day is…stay in bed and watch a new Netflix series. The second best thing to do is wear something bright and happy, and have french toast for breakfast!

swing jacket

This beautiful seafoam swing jacket is one of the pieces I recently picked up from the Vintage Show in Toronto. It has a label that says “Custom Made in Hong Kong”, and fits like a dream! I was drawn to the colour immediately when I saw it hanging on the rack, and the 3/4 length sleeves and cute collar just sold me on it. It’s hard to find a good swing jacket, and the best ones always seem to be vintage.

swing jacket

It definitely looks more like a spring jacket, but layering and adding knitted textures are quick ways to make any outfit more autumn appropriate. In this case I chose my chunky grey sweater, with the pop in collar.

fashion blogger

swing jacket


My new over-the-knee boots were a surprise find at Aldo! I wanted a pair with a slight heel, but more for everyday wear. I have a pair with a stiletto heel, but those are a bit difficult to wear to brunch 🙂 I didn’t want to spend too much on a new pair, so I really lucked out when Aldo had an additional sale on their boots earlier in the season. I tried these on, not expecting much, but instantly loved them.


You know my M.O. – more is more! To make the outfit even perkier I put on my pompom hat that I bought at Simon’s in Montreal last year. I looove when the weather turns colder so I can switch between this pompom hat and my pink one!

swing jacket

swing jacket

Keeping it short and sweet! It’s my favourite time of day right now – I can hear the person above me practicing the piano. They play beautifully, so I kind of consider it a free mini concert…a concert where I can wear pyjamas, drink tea, and crack open my latest Oprah magazine.

Hope you’re doing well xoxox

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