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Gift Guide 2016 – For Gents

December 6, 2016 1 Comment



Sometimes I find it difficult to find cool gifts for the dudes in my life, but I think this year’s gift guide is pretty solid! There are a variety of options here, with suitable price points for all (and nothing over $200!) so read on and fill your shopping carts:

Fancy Sweatpants

Azim has been obsessed with “luxe” sweatpants as of late. The popularity of the athleisure trend has made it more appropriate to wear these comfy pants out and about, and I haven’t met a guy who doesn’t like them. They’re cozy, easy to wear, and easy to care for.


I actually bought Azim one of these beautiful customizable map prints because they’re so gorgeous. I chose Paris because that’s the city where I truly fell in love with him, and we’ve been back many times ever since 🙂 The black and white theme ensures that this print will look good anywhere in your home!

Grown Up Bodywash

Forget the Old Spice for just a minute! This bodywash smells like eucalyptus and bergamot, so it’s got that herbal manly scent without the artificial muskiness that seems to prevail in the men’s hygiene aisle (Axe, I’m looking at you). Eucalyptus also has that tingly fresh feeling, so your man will look forward to grabbing this bottle every time he showers.

Neighbourhood Toque

For the hipster in your life – these hats are adorable! They come in a variety of cities and neighbourhoods, and I was surprised at how specific they are (Don Mills, Scarborough, the Annex?! Wow!) I chose this Hamilton one because it’s where my little brother did his undergrad, and I think this would be a cool way for him to rep instead of wearing his McMaster shirt all the time.

Star Wars

Combine a subtle Star Wars theme with a sleek Nixon interface and you’ve got yourself a sweetass time piece. Perfect for the Star Wars nerd or watch collector in your life.

Merino Wool Scarf

This is one of those great “go-to” gifts. Everybody needs a nice warm scarf, and I think the double-faced pattern on this one can easily be dressed up or down. It would go just as well with a suit and topcoat as it would with rugged boots and a parka.

Hamilton: The Revolution

I am OBSESSED with Hamilton, the hit musical, and am absolutely convinced that everyone else should be too. I’ve listened to the soundtrack multiple times, found podcasts that further delve into the life of the great Alexander Hamilton, and read countless articles on the genius who is Lin-Manuel Miranda (creator of the musical). I wish I could give everybody tickets to see the show, but this awesome book will have to suffice. Great for the history buff/political buddy/broadway geek in your life!


These “laces” ensure that you’ll never have to tie your shoes up again! They look like they’d be better for athletic shoes, so give them to the guy in your life who seems to live in his New Balances and Nikes.

Monopoly Deal

We’ve been playing a lot of this at our dinner table recently – it’s less of a commitment than Monopoly, the board game, but still lots of fun. My little cousins always look forward to playing, and my brother can never say no to them 🙂

Thanks for reading xo!


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  • lillian December 7, 2016 at 7:44 am

    Great ideas!

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