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Inside Story Lingerie – The Perfect Fit

February 26, 2017 5 Comments


The key to any great outfit is a great foundation. If there is one essential piece of style advice I could give to any woman, it would be this – get fitted.

It’s estimated that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and I have to admit that I was one of them. My journey with finding the right bra has been an arduous one, and started at the age of 13 (when I went through puberty, seemingly overnight). I visited La Senza and La Vie en Rose, and for years wore awful, uncomfortable padded reinforcements. I didn’t know any other option existed!

Later on, I discovered sports bralettes – they were infinitely more comfortable than their padded predecessors, but offered NO support. I may as well have worn nothing at all. Unfortunately, I wore these into my early twenties…until one of my girlfriends introduced me to “grown up” lingerie.

Wolford, Chantelle, Simone Pérèle – this was a whole new shopping department that I would soon become addicted to! On my trips to France I’d visit Galeries Lafayette and pick up new sets, always in what I assumed was my correct size (36B). I’d never bothered to get fitted there – speaking French at a restaurant or café with clothes on is much different than speaking French in a fitting room, practically nude.

So I built up my collection of beautiful bras…but over time I found that I reached for them less and less. I’d opt for my bralettes most of the time because they were more comfortable, and I didn’t love the way my pretty lacey bras looked underneath shirts and sweaters. I knew that it was probably time to seek out an expert.

I visited Lida at the fabulous Oakville location of her shop, Inside Story Lingerie. If I had to describe my experience in one word, it would be “enlightening”. Lida and her extremely professional and well-trained staff don’t use measuring tapes to conduct their bra-fittings. Instead, they’ve mastered what Lida cheekily calls the “Accurate Art of Breastimation”. 


With a few light touches along my back and rib-cage, and a very knowing eye, Lida brought out my correct size – a 34D! “There’s no way I’m a D cup” I told her skeptically, but she didn’t even blink 🙂

Lida helped me adjust the straps correctly, and taught me the correct method for wearing my bra properly. No scooping necessary (it displaces the breast tissue)! She also taught me not to get so caught up on cup sizes – a D cup does not necessarily equal Pamela Anderson proportions. She also taught me that most women come in wearing a 36B, but are often way off!


Check out the correct steps for getting into your bra below:


I felt much more supported, and lifted in the bras that Lida picked out for me – but without any additional volume. I put my sweater back on, and LOVED the way the new bras fit underneath. No lacey pattern creating bumps, and no pointy boob situation.


Lida was so incredibly helpful, and made me feel right at home in the fitting room. We tried several styles, including a plunging cup (triangle shape) which I never thought I could wear. Lida showed me how cleavage could be created (tastefully) without any push-up necessary. And she really listened to all my concerns without any judgment.

The selection at Inside Story is perfect for every woman. There are basic sets (t-shirt bras), sexy everyday wear (which is what I wanted), multi-way bras (convertible straps), special lingerie, petals (for going bra-less), nighties, and more. Lida has a great loyalty program, called the Perfect Fit Club, where you can buy 9 regular priced bras and receive the 10th one free!


Inside Story also specializes in cup-size swimwear, which makes all the difference. Additionally, Lida carries Seafolly, which is not cup-size fitting swimwear but is known for gorgeous retro designs. There really is something for everyone!



Investing in a well-fitting bra is so important. Taking the time to speak with an expert can really make all the difference in the world. I love my new bras, but I loved my experience at Inside Story even more. I felt comfortable throughout my fitting, and never felt pressured into buying something I wasn’t 100% happy with. I ended up going home with two Simone Pérèle sets, and a Chantelle set. The Simone Pérèle pieces are beautiful, and make me feel so confident. Putting them on feels much more special than slipping into my mismatched bralette and polka-dot undies 🙂


The Chantelle set fits like an absolute dream! The mesh overlay is subtly sexy, and the light padding provides all the comfort I need to wear it under sweaters and silk blouses at work.


I was a bit nervous to post these photos of myself on my blog, but I honestly felt so comfortable and confident in everything Lida helped me pick out. I also want to point out that I have a huuuge crush on Lida – she is a successful entrepreneur, a super-cool mom, and a total babe to boot!


Let me know if you had a similar bra journey to mine, and also where you like to shop for your lingerie 🙂 I highly recommend Lida and her staff, and hope you’ll visit Inside Story if you live in the GTA! xo


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  • Monique K Fongemy February 27, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    Awesome post Jocelyn. You look beautiful and the pictures are so well done.
    Glad you found the perfect fit.

  • Laura February 27, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    You’re an absolute beauty and you have every reason to be confident!! You look AMAZING!!! Like a goddess. p.s. you seriously encouraged me to get fitted and buy some pretty sets! Thanks for sharing Jocelyn!

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