Channeling Bardot

Off-the-shoulder tops (aka Bardot tops) are everywhere this Spring! Every blogger who knows what’s what owns at LEAST one. I truly didn’t place myself in that category…until I passed this beautiful striped linen version at Marshall’s.

I’m less about trends and more about investing in classic pieces, but if an item of clothing has adopted the name of one of the most iconic movie stars of all time, then it must be considered timeless, right? I can definitely see myself sporting this modest top for years to come 🙂

I love the soft-yet-crinkly fabric, and almost faded look of the stripes. The buttons are completely unnecessary, but they also help to give the shirt some structure. My main issue with Bardot tops is that they tend to pop back up over my shoulders with the slightest movement. The thick elastic in this version stays in place better, and if I do choose to pop the neckline a little higher, it doesn’t look out of place.

I wanted to wear this outfit without any additional layers, but it’s been a chilly start to Spring so far! I threw this striped linen scarf on top to add warmth, but I think the linen-on-linen/stripe-on-stripe look is pretty cool 🙂 although totally unintentional!

Another new addition to my wardrobe is this awesome pair of jeans! They’re a strange “straight” cut with a cropped ankle – a combination that is not at all flattering. But I love them. They were designed by cool girl-about-town Alexa Chung for AG jeans. She has also inspired me to wear something I thought I’d never be caught dead in – overalls. Uh oh! Brace yourself, dungarees are coming.

Azim and I popped over to Allen Gardens to take these photos, and we were lucky enough to see all the beautiful flowers planted for Easter. The lilies and hydrangeas were stunning. So full of life and colour, it seemed like they would last forever!

Looking forward to more sunshine and warmth 🙂 thanks for reading xoxo

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