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Top 10 Most Worn Items

June 25, 2017 1 Comment

I could never follow a capsule wardrobe – maximalism is more my mantra – but I thought it would be interesting to list out the ten things I wear the most. If I had to build a capsule wardrobe I’d start here, and then add accessories (lots and lots of accessories)! Surprisingly the list I came up with is fairly well-balanced:

1. Lightweight crewneck sweater – specifically navy

Without a doubt, the piece I reach for on those days when I have “nothing to wear”, or when I’m feeling extra bloated and muffin-topped, is a navy crewneck sweater. They are the most flattering cut for my body-type, and are easy pieces to layer or simply wear on their own.

I buy all of mine from J.Crew and Banana Republic. The “Tippi” sweater from J.Crew has cute cropped ¾ length sleeves, and the “Classic merino wool crewneck” sweaters from Banana Republic work well in all seasons! I don’t find myself too warm in them unless it’s VERY hot day in Toronto. They recently released some with a scalloped neckline – I bought it in four colours.

2. Black skinny jeans

Leather Jacket

I rely on black skinny jeans probably too much. My favourite ones used to be the “Avedon” style from Citizens of Humanity, but they have been replaced by the Cigarette-style from AG. They are a brushed sateen material (you can barely describe them as denim), they have just enough stretch to make them uber-comfortable, but not enough to look like jeggings. These are definitely the style for those of you who hate wearing jeans!

3. Cropped skinny jeans

Not a surprise that jeans made this list twice! My favourite length is one that skims the ankles (à la Audrey Hepburn one and two). This style looks amazing with ballet flats, kitten heels, ankle boots, and stilettos…so basically…all shoes?? And they tuck into boots nicely too!

4. Scarves – specifically pink or leopard prints

More often than not, my outfit will include a scarf. I started in high school and just haven’t stopped! They’re sort of a comfort piece for me, and they always add extra dimension and life to my more boring ensembles – you know, those days when I’m wearing a navy crewneck sweater and black skinny jeans 🙂

I tend to reach for my favourite pink pashmina, and a flowy leopard-print wrap, but my collection is vast. I have big wool blanket scarves, knit infinity snoods, vintage silk Hermès and Liberty of London foulards, etc. etc. I’d have to say my favourite type is a thin cotton-silk blend measuring 95cm X 95cm. They’re the most versatile in my opinion! A big square scarf with a fun pattern? If you need to revamp your wardrobe, just start there.

5. Statement necklaces

As far as trends go, big statement necklaces are sort of “out”. But I’ve never been one to stick to what’s “in” or “out”, and I’ll forever love them! They’re the pieces I go for first when I visit the jewellery section. I think I love them so much because they go equally well with t-shirts as they would with evening gowns. Like scarves, they add something special to an otherwise boring outfit!

6. Cropped shell/tee blouses

Cropped shells are another wardrobe staple for me, because they flatter my body type. I have a shorter torso and longer legs, and a shell really helps to emphasize that look. I also find that they are the easiest shape to layer under blazers if necessary, but they also just look very svelte and sophisticated on their own.

7. A-Line mini and midi skirts

An A-line shape is the easiest type for me to style. I wish I wore pencil skirts more because they’re such a beautiful look, but I haven’t yet found one that is comfortable enough for me to wear all day. I always feel like I have that awkward food baby bulge showing through by 2pm, and they’re just too damn constricting! A-line on the other hand is a sweet, flirty shape. So comfortable to wear, and easy to pair with sweaters/jean jackets/crop tops, etc.

My favourite ones have been from J.Crew (surprise, surprise!) but the one I wear the most is a black knee-length number from Theory. It was a little pricier, but worth the investment since I can easily wear it from work to dinner to play!

8. Black tissue tee turtleneck

From October to February, a black turtleneck is my ride-or-die. They’re so chic, and go with EVERYTHING. Jeans, trousers, skirts, I’ve even been known to layer them under cropped shell tops and sheath dresses. The trick is to get one that is a super super thin material. A thick turtleneck can add pounds, but a thin one is as good as spanx. I bought my favourite one from Joe Fresh, but of course J.Crew makes one that is actually called the “tissue turtleneck”.

9. Eyeliner

This has been a recent thing for me, but ever since I found 1) a really good and easy to apply eyeliner and 2) a really effective eye makeup remover, I’ve been wearing eyeliner on the reg. I just feel more “done” once I’ve applied it! Now, the next step is mastering the cat eye flick!

10. Dark red nail polish

I try and try to branch out and try other colours, but I can’t help it. I just LOVE a dark and glossy red painted on my claws. And they ARE claws, at least Azim will tell you so 🙂 I love Lana Del Rey’s nails – they’re so villainous. Fav dark red – Essie: Skirting the Issue.


Notice that I didn’t include shoes anywhere on this list – the reason being that I don’t have a single pair of shoes that I can consider “most worn”! Shoes are my absolute favourite wardrobe item, and I rotate among my whole collection as often as possible. Of course, I do walk to work so I rely a lot on ballet flats and loafers, but once I get to work I like to switch it up 🙂

I also didn’t include glasses for that same reason! I think I have at least a dozen pairs at this point, and I try to rotate between my tortoise shell, cat-eye frames, and funky coloured ones as often as possible. If I had to choose, I’d probably stick with cat-eye.

I’d love to know what your most worn wardrobe items are! I’m guessing that jeans will make it to the top of most people’s lists. Is there a piece in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

Thanks for reading as always! xox


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