Banker Stripes – Deconstructed

I saw this dress out of the corner of my eye, stopped, slowly turned, picked it up with both of my hands, and fell in love.

This wacky take on banker stripes is right up my alley – it looks as if the sleeves have been chopped off and used as a makeshift belt. The pocket was placed on, almost as if as an afterthought, and the skirt is layered and perfectly flouncy πŸ™‚

I’ve already worn this dress for patio drinks, brunch, the Pride Parade, and jewellery shopping. Paired with white converse, nude wedges, and the cute pointed-toe silver slingback flats in this ensemble. Also paired with a jean jacket, as well as the pastel pink jacket here. Versatile AF!

The sleeved (double-sleeved??) version is on Rent the Runway, and I love seeing how all the women who have rented/borrowed the dress have styled it differently.

Summer so far has been a thing of beauty – I’m even enjoying the rainy days we’ve been frequently experiencing here in Toronto. They remind me of my trip to Stockholm last year, when it rained during Midsomer and we biked to and from the festivities in ponchos and flower crowns πŸ™‚

Things I’ve been doing:

Reading this addictive bookΒ 

Cooking, but not really improving at it

Eating the best pizza EVER, hands down. EVER!

Trying to steal an extra 10 seconds of sleepy cuddles (ew barf) with Azim before leaving for work

Shopping summer sales

Binging on Master of None (that RELIGION EPISODE THOUGH)

Drinking rosΓ© with my parents

Feeling happy

Hope you’re having a happy summer so far! All my Canadian friends, I wish you a happy long weekend and Happy Canada Day! xo


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