Weekly Bests II

Hi friends! Here’s another Weekly Bests for you – starting off with a bang:


Snapchat filter was necessary for this one!

I’d say the pinnacle of my week was donating blood – for two reasons 1) It’s a very good thing to do! Donating blood literally saves lives. 2) I fainted right afterward in front of my coworkers and was completely mortified.

I’ve passed out before during blood tests, or after standing up too quickly and becoming lightheaded, but this was a completely different feeling!

When it was my turn to sit in the lounge-chair and get poked, I told the lovely nurse that I was going to put headphones in and listen to Beyoncé to avoid looking at and feeling the needle. It was mildly uncomfortable, but overall an okay experience. After three songs from Lemonade (Sandcastles, Formation, Sorry) the nurse removed the needle and told me to apply pressure for five minutes.

Well that was about the last thing I remember before I started seeing stars and thinking “I should really put my head between my knees”, but I couldn’t seem to move my legs. I saw the nurse rush towards me, and I was rolled from the lounge-chair onto a stretcher, and when I could see again I was in a different part of the room with the nurse fanning me and pressing cool towels onto my face and neck.

I’ll add that everyone in the room, including my coworkers, saw me in this embarrassing state, and of course asked me a hundred times if I was ok. I also heard “Wow, your face was SO white!” and “Your lips are kind of grey”. Agghh! One kind man did make me feel better by saying “Don’t worry, I once saw a 250 lb football player pass out after donating!”

Although it was a terrible feeling, and if I’m honest, I am still sort of exhausted and zombie-like, I’m still going to try again. It’s THAT good of a cause. If you’re eligible to donate, please give it a go!


Even though it was National French Fry day this week – and yes, I did partake in celebrations by eating a bunch – the best thing I ate this by far was my little brother’s handmade spaghetti and meatballs.

I don’t want to confuse you – Travis isn’t the type of person who cooks…ever. He just randomly felt like making homemade spaghetti and meatballs, so he googled a recipe and brought home most of the ingredients.

When he returned from the grocery store he said “I didn’t get breadcrumbs, they’re not THAT important right?”

Back to the grocery store he went! We also had a short discussion on how to pronounce Worcestershire sauce. “Worst-sher? Worst-er-sher?”

After some trial and error, and resizing of the meatballs, Travis successfully made his dish. And I have to say, it was delicious! I think I enjoyed it even more because he tried so hard, and it was fun to watch him cook. 🙂


I adore my beautiful lace top from Aritzia. It is SO elegant, so flattering, and so easy to wear. I actually went back to the store to try and find it in black, but it is sadly sold out everywhere :’(. I’m considering picking up the rust colour, or the odd blue-grey version, but I think in the back of my head I’d still be pining for the black…

This top would be beautiful paired with jeans and cute loafers, a skirt with stilettos, or dungarees and converse. So versatile!


Trav and I went to a special screening of My Neighbour Totoro, and I absolutely loved it! I hadn’t seen it since I was a small child, and it was such a magical experience watching it as an adult and realizing all the wonder and innocence the movie was able to capture. Travis was seeing it for the first time, and he really enjoyed it too!

Another great movie we watched together on Netflix was What We Do in the Shadows – a mockumentary about Vampires rooming together in New Zealand. If you like the Flight of the Concords or Summer Heights High you will thoroughly enjoy this!

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend xo 🙂

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  • I think you’re pretty bad ass just going to the blood donation place..! I’m so afraid of needles that I haven’t dared to go yet.. even if I promised Andreas that I’d donate blood 7 years ago………..