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Shoe Love II

July 27, 2017 1 Comment

This pair of shoes falls under the very exciting category in my shoe wardrobe called IMPULSE BUYS.

I didn’t have to look at these shoes for more than ten seconds before I knew they’d be coming home with me. I didn’t lovingly visit them a few times before thoughtfully making my purchase. I didn’t plan which outfits I’d wear them with, and I didn’t consider the pros or cons. I didn’t even try them on.

They caught my eye when I was browsing online, and I think I melted a little. The colour combination hit me first – baby blue suede with coral, yellow, and black accent ribbons – so divine! Then I noticed the daisy chains, the thick, grosgrain bows, and the perfect little studs. I instantly loved the mule shape, and when I saw that gold panel on the inside of chunky heel, I hit ADD TO CART right away.

When they showed up at my doorstep, they were even better than I could have imagined. I wore them for the duration of my best friend’s bachelorette party, walking all over Toronto in them, and didn’t even get a hint of a blister. They go with most of my summer wardrobe, and I can even picture them with opaque tights and a cute mini skirt come autumn.

If these shoes were a woman she’d have buttery blonde hair and beautiful baby blues. She’d listen to Simon and Garfunkel and know how to whistle. She would have a loud laugh and one dimpled cheek. She’d collect scarves from her travels, and play croquet seriously. She’d read magazines, not books, but she’d be a really good listener. And she’d never, ever let you down 🙂

From Laura’s bachelorette party


Thanks as always for reading xo


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  • Lillian July 28, 2017 at 8:35 am

    Never met anyone so passionate about shoes.

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