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Weekly Bests IV

July 29, 2017 1 Comment

When you’re reading this I’ll be up at my bestie’s cottage for a much-needed girls trip! THAT will most likely be the best thing I did this week, but you’ll read about it in the next round-up 🙂

Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1


I took myself out on a solo date on Wednesday night, and as far as dates go, I’d say it was pretty wonderful 🙂

I visited the AGO to see Georgia O’Keeffe’s exhibit on Wednesday night (general admission is free after 6pm on Wednesdays, and special exhibits are half-price!), and enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. I read this article in the Globe before I went, and it provided a very good background for me as I gazed at the paintings, sketches, and photographs.

There was one particular painting that I found myself staring at for nearly 5 minutes (which is a long time to stand in one place if you’re a) a millennial b) visiting on the last half-price night before the exhibit ends, and it is beyond crowded). “From the Lake No. 1” is definitely one of Georgia O’Keeffe’s more famous pieces – though not as well-known as her flowers – but I don’t think it would have captured my attention the way it did if I hadn’t seen it in person.

From the Lake No. 1

The colours online don’t do it justice. I was mesmerized by the greens, the blues, the greys, and the easy-to-miss lavender cloudy bubble near the top. It’s just so beautiful.

I’m glad I visited alone, so I wouldn’t feel the need to make remarks out loud to a friend like “her use of geometry and vivid colours is so feminine, yet so universal” or “she insisted the flowers had no sexual allusions, but I don’t know, I can’t see anything else” (insert eye-roll here).

I don’t want to sound as cheesey or contrived as my fellow gallery goers, but I do believe that Georgia O’Keeffe captures green like no one else can. In all her pieces I was pulled toward the greens. Especially in “From the Lake No. 1”, but also from the paintings she did in the desert. I loved the green so much!

Afterward I went for a solo ramen dinner at Kinton, and listened to my audiobook. It was pretty much bliss.


Pic from BlogTO because I ate mine too quickly and alone

My ramen dinner was pretty great!! I usually get the chicken broth when I’m with Azim since we like to share our dishes, but this time I tried the pork and it was a game-changer. Sorry, Azim 🙂

My boss got me a chocolate-almond croissant from Aroma, and I felt like I was BACK IN FRANCE! It was so much better than I expected! Usually the chocolate in croissants is underwhelming, but Aroma uses (a very generous amount of) milk chocolate, which melts and oozes everywhere. Holy yum.


Honestly, my feet took a beating this past weekend. I think it was my determination to break in my new J.Crew loafers, which I thought at first were very comfortable, but then surprised me by shredding my feet. I had blisters everywhere and my nail polish even scraped off. However, the loafers are just too beautiful, and I know that once they ARE broken in, they will be a dream to wear.

To spare my feet any more torture, I wore my Adidas Ultra Boosts as often as possible, and they are without a doubt the best things I wore this past week. Azim convinced me to invest in them, since I work out fairly regularly and also walk into work. Once I tried them on I knew there was no way I could buy any other running shoes – they practically step for me!


Jamie Beck

Jamie Beck’s Instagram stories showcasing her life in Provence, gallivanting through chateaux and weekly markets is making me feel some type of way.

This past week she was participating in cooking classes at the Chateau Gudanes, and watching Game of Thrones by candlelight. She is basically living my best life.

Instagram stories vanish after 24 hours, but give her a follow to check out her past pictures, and make sure you click on her stories whenever she uploads!


I’ve been cheating a little, and in an attempt to complete more of my 40 books in 2017 goal, I’ve been listening to audiobooks. In three days I managed to finish The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. It was a gripping thriller, and made all my commutes feel ten times shorter. I’d find myself taking longer routes so I could get to the end of the next chapter. It reads a little like Gone Girl, so if you’re into that then I would definitely check this out.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading! xo


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  • Lillian July 29, 2017 at 9:46 am

    Glad to see you are wearing sensible shoes.
    The paintings look amazing!
    Enjoy your weekend.

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