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Monthly Favourites – October

November 5, 2017 2 Comments


Tarte’s Cabana Boy lipstick has been my go-to lately. It’s a little moodier than both my browny-nude Barbra by Nars, or pinky-nude Bitch Perfect by Charlotte Tilbury. The three of them together make my holy grail neutral lip trifecta (this is the point where any hetero male readers I have decide to bail out faster than a toupée in a hurricane).

Cabana Boy is a perfect mauve-y nude for my skintone. I bought it for my cousin Jasmine, and it looks amazing on her too! I think it would work well on anybody – could it be the travelling pants of lipstick? I also really like the texture and staying power: it’s almost a matte finish, but not so much so that it dries out the lips. I get chapped lips very quickly, so I tend to stay away from matte finishes, but this formula is perfect. It also barely needs any touch ups, especially when used in combination with lip liner. It’s a winner in my books!


There are a few looks I’ve been wearing on rotation:

1) Chic ballet flats with everything

I’ve been wearing my Salvatore Ferragamo ballet flats with almost all my outfits this autumn. My black leather pair was one of only TWO pairs of shoes I packed for Paris! They’re just so chic and versatile – I’d wear them just as easily with jeans and a tee as I would with an evening gown. I know they’re an investment with a heftier price tag, but my recommendation is to try and find a vintage pair (either on Etsy or from the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show 🙂 ). There are also many dupes like this pair from Sole Society which come in a range of colours, or this warmer weather version from Topshop.

Me and my bestie in floral blazers at a Mysteriously Yours show! We fit right in 🙂

 2) Blazers

The blazer is back in a big way this season! Particularly Prince of Wales plaid versions, and anything double-breasted. I picked up an affordable versionto try out the trend, and I can see it becoming a wardrobe staple due to its neutral tone and ability to dress up most outfits. I’ve been wearing mine over white layering pieces and blue or black jeans with a belt – so simple, but so good.

Fab nails, gold mini-hoops

3) Gold mini-hoops

I used to change my earrings up every day, and stick mainly to studs. I have no ear lobes, so wearing a statement earring takes some commitment on my part! But ever since I cut my hair, I’ve been wearing these mini gold hoops almost every single day! Because of their small size they are quite light-weight and don’t hurt my ears. They also stand out a little more than my regular studs. My auntie Anne bought them for me – she has great taste 🙂

Best Thing I Saw

Without a doubt, the best thing I saw this past month was Get Out. There was A LOT of hype around this movie when it first came out, so I was kind of avoiding it – I really didn’t want to be let down! I purposely did not read any in-depth reviews before watching it, and decided to just go into it with an open mind.

Azim and I watched it on a week night with take out in front of us, and I was completely blown away. I LOVE IT. The hype is completely deserved! I don’t want to give anything away if you haven’t seen it – but go watch it. It’s quirky, creepy, and beautiful. 

Best Thing I Read

I am having a hard time admitting to myself that I probably won’t hit my goal of reading 40 books this year :(. I’m at 22 so far, which means I’d have to give up my social life completely if I want to make it – a tempting proposition, but with the holidays approaching, not feasible.

I think I may have mentioned this in a weekly bests, but I think it’s worth noting again – I LOVED Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. I’d argue that it was the only book I read this year that really stuck with me days and weeks after finishing it. If you’re into quirky humour and good fiction make sure you add it to your reading list!

I also thoroughly enjoyed this article featuring rap star Cardi B. Ok, I am probably one of the last people who would care about Cardi B’s personal life or rise to fame (disclaimer – I hadn’t heard of Cardi B before reading this piece), but for some reason this article fascinated me. The first paragraph hooked me in (I was repulsed but intrigued), and after learning about how hard Cardi worked to get to where she is now, I was impressed. It’s a loooong read, but worth it.

 Giving Back

Friends, I don’t think I can consider this a “best”, but again, I wanted to include it in this blog post because it’s a story that moved me to tears. Jacob Thompson, a cancer patient with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma living in Portland will unfortunately not live to experience Christmas this year. He was diagnosed at just 5 years old. His family is bringing the holiday to him sooner by celebrating this weekend, and they are inviting anyone who feels “inspired to reach out” to send him a Christmas card. His favourite animals are penguins.

If you are interested in sending Jacob a Christmas card, please send them to him at Maine Medical Center.

22 Bramhall Street

Room 653

Portland, Maine


You can also support the family here.


Thanks for reading <3


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  • Lillian November 6, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Great blog as usual. Love it.

  • Laura November 6, 2017 at 9:04 am

    I wish I read your blog post like 10 minutes ago… before I placed my (fifth) Sephora order (because of the sale)! I totally want to try that Tarte lipstick but I’m still obsessed with the Nars Powermatte one.

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