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What I Wore

February 25, 2018 3 Comments


Hi friends! Today is the first time that I’m trying out this new format of outfit pictures to capture what I wear each week.

As I mentioned in my last post, my photographer (aka Azim), has become increasingly too busy to help me with photo shoots – and I also find them to be a huge time suck. Styling the outfits doesn’t take long, but finding the right light, taking the appropriate amount of photos to capture the outfit details, and then editing them – it’s like another full-time job!

As a solution, we just focused less on fashion and I turned towards sharing more of my personal life on the blog…but I really love styling outfits! It’s why I started my blog in the first place. I decided to try another solution – a very unpolished, un-fashion-blogger type of solution: mirror selfies and iPhone pictures.

They are the quickest way to document what I wear, and a lot of these photos are taken at work, really quickly on my lunch break or when I’m leaving for the day. And that’s also why I’ve cropped myself and replaced the background with funky patterns (you guys don’t need to see the bathroom at my work).

I hope you guys like the new format…or at least get a kick out of them 🙂 Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned beautiful photoshoots completely! We’ll still dedicate time to them, especially as the weather warms up.

Here we go!

I absolutely ADORE this pink cocoon coat from J.Crew. I actually purchased the floral brooch first (also from J.Crew), but when I came across this coat I thought they were absolutely made for each other.

So yes, I did buy a coat…to match my brooch. Over the top? Yes. A beautiful outfit for dreary winter days? Also yes.

I am loving the black converse – this was one of the first February days that didn’t require winter boots! The snow is melting! Hooray!!

Beanie: The Bay / Glasses: Bonlook / Coat and Brooch: J.Crew / Jeans: The Gap / Chucks: The Bay / Backpack: Ebay

The picture of me on the left is what I wore to walk to and from work. A big scarf, leather jacket, gloves, and oxford shoes. The other pictures are what I wore during the work day – I swapped the oxfords out for pumps, which match the dark plaid pattern of my pants! I looove matchy matchy outfits, and wear this combination a lot in fall and winter.

Scarf: Zara / Glasses: Bonlook / Leather Jacket: Stella Nova / Pants: Banana Republic / Turtleneck: Banana Republic / Oxfords: Shelly’s London / Pumps: J.Crew / Backpack: Ebay

“Why am I so extra?” I asked Azim as I walked down the street with this loud leopard print coat, beret, and thigh high black boots. I was feeling very Wes Anderson when I wore this outfit, but I sure did stand out amongst a sea of black winter coats.

Shout out to Laura for this gorrrrgeous NARS matte liquid lipstick she gave me for Christmas. I wear it when I know I won’t have the chance to do any touch ups. It’s got serious staying power, and is so easy to apply! Winner! The shade I’m wearing is called “American Woman”.

Beret: The Bay / Glasses: Bonlook / Leopard coat: H&M / Jeans: Levi’s / Boots: Aldo / Backpack: Ebay

I would never call this an “outfit”, but in an effort to document what I wore this week, I decided to throw it in. This can be very loosely categorized as athleisure, but let’s be real – it’s what I wore to go grocery shopping. I also wanted to feature my absolute FAVOURITE sweater that I’ve worn all winter…I bought it in all but one colour. So I own four. Four of the same sweater. #ifitain’tbrokedon’tfixit

Jacket: J.Crew / Glasses: Bonlook / Sweater: Artizia / let’s glaze over the fact that I’m wearing running leggings / Shoes: Adidas / Tote: Azim’s from Reigning Champ

This is a very typical weekend look for me – comfy shoes and black jeans are a great base for any outfit, and a camel coat is sure to complete any look. This indigo lace top elevates the outfit, and I added a hat and pretty earrings for good measure.

Hat: Anthropologie/ Glasses: Bonlook / Coat: H&M (my mom sewed on these gold buttons for some customization) / Top: Aritzia / Jeans: The Gap / Earrings: J.Crew / Ankle boots: SEY Collection / Backpack: Ebay

That’s all for this week! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Xo


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  • Laura R February 26, 2018 at 8:23 am

    Love this!! Glad to see you’ve found a cute solution for posting more outfits on the blog. Your backpack is perfect and I’m a huge fan of your coat collection. So glad you like that lipstick, it looks great on you. Xoxo

  • Linda March 1, 2018 at 9:45 am

    Gaaah! You always look so flawless!

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