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Monthly Bests – October 2018

November 1, 2018 5 Comments

I have always loved October – it’s my favourite month in my favourite season, so it seems fitting that there were so many happy moments and highlights for me over the past four weeks.

I’ve been publishing some wordy posts recently, so I’ll do this one in point form:

  • I started the month off with lovely Thanksgiving celebrations! We celebrated at my aunt’s home and she made a delicious turkey and all the best sides. My cousin Jen made some show-stopping desserts – they were so good that I had to ask for the recipes! She made caramel apple cupcakes and iced pumpkin cookies 🙂 YUM!!
    My mom also hosted a super big Thanksgiving dinner! Top points for the turkey as well – we all agreed this was the best one she’s ever done. I keep saying I need to learn how to do it myself. But I can never fill my mom’s shoes when it comes to hosting 🙂

  • One of my 2018 resolutions was to FINALLY get my G license. Can I just say that passing my G test was one of the happiest days of my life? Words cannot express the RELIEF I felt. If I had failed, I would have had to start over again with my G1.
    I don’t think people talk enough about how stressful driving exams are! So much of it depends on the examiner you get, and it’s also difficult to book a date and time because they fill up months in advance. I really feel for anyone going through this right now. If you are, know that I wish you all the best, and it will be ok!
My brother and his gf got me these cute congratulatory chocolate cars!
  • Things at work have been going well. I was honoured to be able to attend a dinner as a “high-potential” employee with our company’s board of directors and senior management. I don’t like to talk about work on my blog because I consider them two very separate facets of my life, but I was proud and I work REALLY hard, so I wanted to share this achievement : ) I’m also part of a committee that aims to advance women in their careers, and I’ve worked with my colleague to plan a huge high-profile event next week. It meant working some very, very long days, but I am so excited and happy!
  • I know that autumn symbolizes death and dying, as all the leaves fall off of trees and the crisp, cold weather chills us to the bone. But I’ve always felt rejuvenated once the beautiful reds, golds, and oranges fill the landscape, and the cool air calls for cozy layers. I’ve been taking full advantage of the seasons changing by going for walks alone and with my dad. Toronto has tons of trails, and it’s been fun to find new ones, as well as walking along familiar paths.

  • Would this even be a “bests” post if I didn’t include some foodie moments? I had some amazing katsu curry at Katsuya with my bestie, Cody 🙂 I actually love katsu curry, but I had never tried it with fish – Katsuya does it RIGHT. Go try it and thank me (and Cody) later! Mmmmm….now I’m craving Katsu!
  • I also had a wonderful brunch and catch up with my dear friend Janet at City Betty on the Danforth! She picks the best spots!! So many great things about this place – the décor is gorgeous, the food is local and delicious, and most importantly…they take reservations! Finding a brunch spot in this city that takes reservations is like hunting for unicorns. I had awesome eggs benny and Janet had some vegan thing that she said was really good as well (lol, can you tell how impressed I am with vegan food) Highly recommend 🙂

  • My cousin Jasmine is a busy flight attendant, but she found the time to take me out and celebrate my G test pass! We went for awesome churros and cuban fries at El Habanero and Churro bar. She also did a great Trader Joe’s haul the last time she visited San Francisco, and we sat at her kitchen table and sampled all the goodies. I LOVED the pumpkin butter! Here is a picture of the fries, the pumpkin butter, and also a picture of my and Jas because I love her.

  • We celebrated my Ah-Kung (Grandpa)’s birthday this month! I love my Ah-Kung so much. He is the most selfless man on this planet. He is truly inspirational, and I hope I can be even half as good of a person as he is one day. I love him.
  • Ok, maybe the highlight that many of you have been expecting – I GOT ENGAGED! Wow. What an absolutely incredible milestone. I was going to do a whole post about it…but I think I want to keep this one a little more private for Azim and me. Thank you so much for all your kind words and well wishes. Know that I have been on cloud nine, and that I am feeling just blanketed in love. It’s been so nice. Thank you to all my friends and family that went out of their way to make it an unforgettable experience. I love you.

Thank you for reading! xox



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  • Cody November 1, 2018 at 11:51 pm

    Yay Katsuya! 😁

  • Lillian November 2, 2018 at 8:32 am

    Another great post!!’
    Love you

  • Laura November 2, 2018 at 9:11 am

    Hahaha “Finding a brunch spot in the city is like hunting for unicorns”. That’s SO true.
    I can 100% relate to driving tests being incredibly stressful!!! I didn’t tell anyone the date of my G test because I was convinced I’d fail it haha.
    Also, I am OBSESSED with pumpkin butter. I love putting it on toast with cream cheese or on crackers with pretty much any type of cheese. Yum!!

  • Teresa S. November 2, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    I really enjoyed this post – so happy for you and proud of you! Xoxo

    • jocelyncaithness November 4, 2018 at 8:30 am

      Thank you Teresa!! <3 <3 😀

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