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Weekly Bests 2019.5&6

February 17, 2019 1 Comment

This is a double whammy post since I missed last week’s – I was too busy having the time of my life in New Orleans 🙂

If I’m honest, this past week was actually the worst of the year so far. Looking back over my ~*bullet journal mood tracker*~, I’ve been feeling pretty upbeat and optimistic. But the last few days, especially at work, can be summed up with a series of gifs:

Thank you, Michael Scott. Thank you for perfectly encapsulating how I feel. Ok let’s move on to the good stuff:

Solo Dinner at The Pomegranate

I took myself out for dinner last week, something I often enjoy doing if I’m traveling on my own, but haven’t done in a long time. I know a lot of people, especially women, have qualms about solo dining, but I love it and consider it a sort of indulgent experience (until this happens).

I visited one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto, The Pomegranate. It serves Persian cuisine in a cute and cozy little setting. It has a loyal patronage, and even on a cold Wednesday evening in the dead of winter, there was still a wait for tables. I get the same thing every time – aloo gheysi, a plum and chicken stew in a saffron sauce served with fragrant, pillowy perfect rice.

Whisked Away

An old friend of mine started her own baking business, and she is a superstar! Anum makes adorable and delicious treats, and I bought a box of her macarons for Azim as a Valentine’s day gift 🙂 I opened the box to try just one…and ended up giving it to him with 4 missing…oops! They were just SO good. I am a macaron snob, and I thought these were outstanding. I tried the nutella, raspberry cheesecake, and rose flavours – all heavenly. You can find her creations on her Facebook page here. How cute is her bakery’s name – Whisked Away! Love!

Brunch at the Senator with my Dad

My dad and I went to The Senator for brunch. They have a new (or at least new to me) menu, but same old cool diner vibe. I used to go to the Senator between classes when I was still a student at Ryerson. It’s just so reliably good!

We had wanted to try the new Wine Bar upstairs, which also has the same brunch menu, but they were closed. Looking forward to when it opens to check out the difference between upstairs and downstairs!


Probably the highlight of this week was going to The Art of Magic with my bestie. I loooove magic. I’m a sucker for the illusion, and never want to find out what the secret is!

This show did not disappoint. It took place at the Super Wonder Gallery, which is a very cool venue! Check out the picture above for the awesome art they had hanging that night.

The show itself was mind-blowing. The showstopper for me was when magician Nick Wallace swallowed a whole bunch of needles (he had someone from the audience helping/checking he was actually swallowing them), then chewed on some thread, and then pulled the thread out of his mouth with THE NEEDLES ALL THREADED THROUGH WHAT!!! Whaaaaat. The whole night was a lot of me and Hanan going “omg WHAT”

I highly recommend checking it out – sadly there is only one more Art of Magic performance happening on March 18. You can check out more info on it here.


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  • Hanan Dhanani February 18, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    I’m still shook about everything that we saw at the magic show!

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