Weekly Bests 2019.7

February – the worst month of the year – is almost over, and with March/spring/cute shoe weather finally arriving, my spirits are once again lifted.

Work has improved moderately, as I have an exciting short-term project to look forward to. I also had a nice chat with my mentor who helped me reframe things from a different perspective, and helped me to feel better about my frustrations. I’ve waxed on about it before on my blog, but finding a mentor has drastically helped me in my career. I truly believe everyone, but especially women, starting off in their jobs should find a mentor!

This month I’ve been particularly bad about taking photos of my happy moments and highlights, but I will try to keep this post interesting:

Catching Up With Friends

I didn’t do a lot of socializing this month due to some pretty bad weather. I’ll usually go a week or two without socializing at all, and then fill an entire week with evening dates. I look forward to these weeks because I find spending time with my nearest and dearest to be restorative. I’m at the point in my life where I no longer really have fair-weather friends. I don’t ever dread a social appointment, and I don’t feel relief when plans are cancelled (say “no” more and stop over-committing, and you won’t experience this as much).

This week I met up with two of my favourite friends and had some delicious food at Sabai Sabai and Her Chef. I love great conversation and food – life’s simple pleasures.

Leopard Lady

I’ve been feeling particularly bold and brazen lately (Aries season is approaching), and decided to express myself with a dusty rose, velvet, leopard-print suit. My coworker took a picture of me (above) in what we refer to as the radiation room at work (the microwave room in the cafeteria).

The soft velvet made this suit feel like I was wearing pyjamas, and the print did all the impressive work to make it look like I put effort into this outfit. The reality is that most of my favourite pieces were in the wash, and I hadn’t taken this suit for a spin yet. I’ve never received so many compliments at the office! Time to invest in more crazy suits?

Weeknight Date Night

Azim has been working his ass off at school lately, and has had many exams to study for. This means that we haven’t really been spending time together on the weekends, or doing anything romantic 🙁 Most of our free time is spent wedding planning, or falling asleep.

That’s why the highlight of my week was when Azim picked me up after work on Wednesday, and we had a lovely date night at Jules Bistro. I really loved it because it reminded me of the kind of French bistro food I used to eat when I was living in France, and that we’ve shared together on our trips there. Simple, basic ingredients done well. Also, hands down the best chocolate mousse I’ve had on this side of the Atlantic.

New Shoes

I haven’t allowed myself to shop since Azim and I started wedding planning, but the combination of a few shitty developments at work + bad February weather had me pining for some retail therapy.

Luckily, I had some GIFT CARDS that made these purchases possible!

I have become obsessed with platform wedges. Here is the reason why – I can no long be uncomfortable. I have many outfits that require a bit of height, but I cannot commute in stilettos and I am a lady on the GO. I move around A LOT! I love walking, and I need to be comfortable. It’s that simple.

Stella McCartney

I do like the athleisure trend, but I can’t pair sneakers with all my outfits. Enter – platform wedges. I love this Stella McCartney pair that I picked up at Nordstrom Rack of all places! I’m starting to think that they go with everything. Spring/Summer 2019 is going to be an interesting transition for my wardrobe!

What about my expansive collection of heels? There is a time and a place for them. I could never give up on my beautiful heels, and I do still get a lot of wear out of them. I usually wear them in the office (after changing out of more comfortable shoes donned for the TTC), or when uber-ing to a night out.

These next heels are a perfect example of why I could never give up on them. They are a work of art. I have wanted Nicholas Kirkwood pearl shoes since I was a baby fashionista. I never lusted after Chanel flats or red-soled Louboutins (though I wouldn’t say no to either) – for me, it was Nicholas Kirkwood’s unique silhouettes.

Azim and I were passing through the Bay on the way to dinner, and stumbled upon a blowout sale. I had to ask the sale associate 3 times if the price I was seeing was correct. I picked these babies up for a STEAL, and will be wearing them for some wedding related activities 🙂 Woohoo!

As always, thank you for reading! Have a lovely week ahead! xoxo

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