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Weekly Bests 2019.8 & 9

March 10, 2019 5 Comments

Hello hello!

I’m posting another double whammy weekly bests today, because frankly I didn’t feel like writing a blog post last weekend. I’ve been keeping myself to a pretty busy and strict schedule, so my blog was the ball I couldn’t keep in the air. That’s life sometimes 🙂

Luckily, a lot of what has kept me busy is fun outings with my friends, family, and Azim. No shortage of highlights from the past two weeks!

Day out with Daddy

I had a lovely day out with my dad last week. We went to the Artful Dodger for bacon and eggs and a pint, and afterwards walked up to Yorkville to check out the ice sculptures and do a little bit of window shopping.

My parents are both so cool. I love spending time with them, and always look forward to our “dates”.

The Vintage Show with Jasmine

My cousin and I go to the vintage show twice a year – it is one of our absolute favourite things to do. She doesn’t have the easiest time booking days off work, but she always bids off for the vintage show!

I call her my good luck charm, because she has an incredible eye for vintage shopping. She always finds the best pieces, and knows my style well enough to find things I love too.

This time around we both came home with faaabulous purchases! I bought three suits – two skirt suits and one sweetass pantsuit, a mod dress, and a silver signet ring.

The quality of the pieces is amazing, but the best part is that the price is always right. The vendors are often open to negotiation, and we have both become better at asking for a better deal. No buyer’s remorse here!

Fried Chicken Sandwich and Ice Cream with Azim

We’ve found our new favourite fried chicken sandwich, and it’s at BFF (Burgers n Fries Forever) 🙂

Azim and I went tuxedo shopping at Tiger of Sweden, and while we were in the area we decided to stop by BFF and Bang Bang for some delicious cheat day treats. We both ordered the fried chicken sandwich at the recommendation of one of the shop associates, and OMG I am SO glad we took her advice. It was unreal. After each bite we kept saying “This is soooo good” and “I don’t want this sandwich to end” 😀

We followed it up with some ice cream from Bang Bang – even in February there is STILL a lineup, albeit a short one. We went because Azim had never tried it before, and I love their unique flavours. Their birthday cake ice cream is my favourite!

Second City at the Symphony

Colin Mochrie, centre, and members of the Second City comedy troupe perform as Steve Reineke leads the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in The Second City Guide to the Symphony.  (JAG GUNDU) The Star

In keeping with our New Year’s Resolution, my bestie and I chose another great outing for March! Second City at the Symphony was one of the best shows I’ve seen! The music was beautiful (as always), and I laughed the entire way through from beginning to end.

It was hosted by Colin Mochrie, beloved by all, but especially by Hanan and me. I grew up watching Whose Line Is it Anyway, and was stoked to see Colin do some improv live on stage. The whole cast of Second City was incredibly talented as well – not only are they funny but they can SING. I’m definitely buying tickets for next year, and encourage you to do the same if you like Second City, or the symphony, or just having a good time. You won’t be disappointed.

Marie Kondo-ing my drawers

Yes, I have jumped on the Marie Kondo bandwagon, and if you know what’s good for you then you will too.

I’ve never had an issue with culling my wardrobe – my mom, cousin, and brother’s girlfriend can all attest to that! I like to go through my closet and curate it twice a year, and in the last couple of years I’ve reached the point where I don’t need to get rid of or add many new pieces.

I think that comes with age, and developing my style. I think part of it is also being more conscious of how I spend and the sustainability of my wardrobe. Although I still love J.Crew and Zara, I find myself leaning towards investment pieces that I know I’ll have forever. I also love to shop vintage, at thrift stores, and I’ve been exploring sites like Thred Up and The Real Real.

With that being said, my wardrobe is still quite full and a few of my drawers were becoming overly stuffed. I decided to try the Marie Kondo style of folding to give them a bit of a makeover.

Without having to get rid of a single item, I was able to create 30% more room in my drawers. There is EMPTY space where before I could barely open and close them without making a mess. Additionally, I can SEE all my pieces! My creativity to put outfits together has increased because I can better visualize which pieces to put together. Amazing.

I have the best friends

After a particularly long day, I came home to the sweetest note in the mail. Who doesn’t love getting mail?! My friend Janet had sent me a card, just because. JUST BECAUSE. I mean, come on. I am the luckiest girl in the world.


I try to keep talking about work to a minimum on my blog, but I’m really happy with the way things are going. I was recently nominated for an award for the work that I do with the women’s committee I’m part of. We aim to help women in our company grow professionally by putting on events, running workshops and classes, and connecting junior employees with leaders and senior management. Being a part of the committee has opened up many opportunities for me too, including interviewing our CEO in front of the board of directors, as well as speaking on a panel myself. It’s so important to me to work on these initiatives outside of my regular day job, and it’s incredibly validating to know that those efforts are recognized.   

I’m also about to start a three-week rotational program within our company’s “innovation hub”, and can’t wait to learn new things that will help me in my current role and in my career.

I’m going to end it here because my brother just came home and brought me a donut. Back next week! Thank you for reading xox


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  • Lillian March 10, 2019 at 9:34 pm

    Congratulation ! So very proud of you.
    We love our dates with you and feel so honoured you want to spend your precious time with us,
    We are so so lucky and blessed.💕💕💕

  • Hanan March 12, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    I am so proud of you for everything you have been doing at work! You are a perfect fit to be part of an innovation hub. Looking forward to seeing the vintage finds in your next outfit post!

  • Hanan March 12, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    I am so proud of you for everything you have been doing at work! You are a perfect fit to be part of an innovation hub. Looking forward to seeing the vintage finds in your next outfit post!

  • Linda March 13, 2019 at 3:41 am

    I’m so jealous! Bang Bang <3 <3

    • jocelyncaithness April 7, 2019 at 8:42 pm

      I always think of you and Andreas when I go to Bang Bang!!

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