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Our Mini-Moon

August 25, 2019 6 Comments

After our wedding whirlwind, Azim and I made the very good decision to sneak away for a few days to Prince Edward County for a “mini-moon”.

We are hoping to take a longer trip to Corsica next summer, but it was very important for us to spend some time just the two of us, post-wedding 🙂

I am usually a meticulous planner, but I had absolutely no time over the past few months to plan our trip to PEC. The only part of our trip I did any research on was where we would stay. After combing over the usual suspects (Drake Devonshire, June Motel, Air BnBs), I came across the most gorgeous looking bed and breakfast in Picton called Merrill House. The story behind the house intrigued Azim and me, so we decided to book their fabulous dinner and stay package.

This turned out to be the BEST decision we could have made! I absolutely love PEC, but it was our stay at Merrill House that made it the best getaway we could have hoped for. I’m also very happy that I didn’t plan any part of our trip, because the wonderful general manager, Christophe, helped us put together a great itinerary.

If you’re looking for luxury, you’ll find it at Merrill House. It’s no secret that I enjoy the finer things in life – Azim and I have stayed in gorgeous chateaux, a converted abbey, and swanky hotels during our travels, and I would still add Merrill House to the top of that list. Here’s why:

  • It’s outstandingly beautiful. The look and feel of the heritage house has been preserved, but the décor is modern and integrated perfectly.
  • It’s quirky and unique – it doesn’t feel like any other hotel or bed and breakfast I’ve ever stayed in.
  • Every little detail has been thought of – the towels and linens smell divine, the menus are varied and delicious, there is 24 hour concierge service (a rarity in bed and breakfasts), parking is convenient, and they offer little extras such as chocolates in the evening, and a pillow scenting service.
  • The best part for me though, had to be the exceptional service. Every single staff member of Merrill House made us feel welcome and at home. Jordan (the very stylish and lovely owner) gave us a tour. The GM, Christophe, helped us plan our trip perfectly. Shania checked us in and offered to make dinner reservations for us since most restaurants were closed. And when I slept in and missed the coffee and tea buffet, Michael put together a tray with a French press and brought it to our door. Everyone knew we had just had our wedding, and made a point to congratulate us. I was truly blown away.  

Who knew I wouldn’t have to board a plane to have a dreamy vacation? PEC is just a couple hours’ drive from Toronto. I will most certainly be back!

On to our itinerary! We were only there for two days and two nights, so we knew we’d have to make the most of our time.

We hit up Dunes Beach and took a short walk along the surrounding trails. I thought the dunes were so cool – we definitely don’t get sand like that in Toronto 🙂 I know Azim would have liked to spend more time hiking, but I had blisters from dancing the night away during our wedding, and really wanted to hit up the winery 😀

We drove from there to Closson road, where we made a stop at some lavender fields. I wanted to pick up a souvenir for my mom because she loves lavender. We also enjoyed some lavender lemonade and I tried to take an Instagrammy pic in the fields. This is the result:

More “sweaty sun in my eyes” than “easy breezy”, but that might be why I stick to blogging and not gramming 😀

We visited The Grange winery and did a tasting before purchasing a picnic basket and enjoying our lunch by the vineyard. There were some brave chickens wandering around that Azim didn’t like. I took my wedding vows seriously (“I will admire and defend you…”) and chased them away so we could enjoy our popcorn, charcuterie, cheese, bread, and maple tarts in peace.

After the Grange, we drove a couple of minutes down the road to visit SHED, the local alpaca farm. Alpacas are soooooo cute!

We made sure to stop by a sunflower field, and tried to finish the biggest cup of icecream I think I’ve ever seen.  I must say, sunflowers are actually kind of creepy up close. Every time I bumped into one I felt like I was bumping into a person! They’re pretty viny and spiky, and kind of look like something from the Upside Down…

A few pictures of our perfect dinner and breakfasts at Merrill House:

We ended our sightseeing by visiting Lake on the Mountain, and had a tasting at a nearby cidery called The County Cider. Both were beautiful!

The restaurant at The County Cider looked especially picturesque, and I’ll be adding it to my list of places to try the next time I’m in the area!

Azim and I had a smooth ride back to Toronto and felt completely restored and relaxed.

Don’t worry, I’ll have LOTS of wedding posts soon! It was absolutely the most fun I’ve EVER had, and I’ll be writing several different posts about how we made it all come together 🙂 Thank you as always for reading! Xox


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  • Lillian August 26, 2019 at 8:38 am

    Sounds like a lovely holiday.
    I think dad and I will be going soon. Thanks for all the ideas.

  • Laura August 26, 2019 at 8:58 am

    Aww this all looks AMAZING and just what you needed after your wedding weekend! So happy you guys relaxed and enjoyed your mini-moon. Beautiful photos – I love the one of you in the lavender field! Xoxo

  • Jennifer Dunbar February 22, 2020 at 7:18 am

    Thank you for this great post – I came upon it after doing a google search for “mini-moon in Prince Edward County” – planning for this August. This was very helpful!!!

    • jocelyncaithness March 1, 2020 at 1:31 pm

      Hi Jennifer, Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad the post helped you 🙂 Feel free to get in touch if you need any more recommendations for PEC! And CONGRATS!!! XOX

  • Baweleta March 3, 2020 at 10:31 pm

    This sounds wonderful and I may definitely be using some of these for a mini-moon myself! Would you recommend doing your own wine tour of some wineries in Prince Edward County or booking something with a private company?

    • jocelyncaithness March 4, 2020 at 6:41 am

      Hi Baweleta, thank you so much for reading!
      Both times I’ve visited PEC, I’ve stayed at Merrill House – they have a “wine passport” for guests, which made it easy for me to reference a comprehensive list of the wineries. The “passport” includes some complimentary goodies (free tastings, etc), so I planned my wine tasting days using the “passport” 🙂

      Since I’ve never taken a tour with a private company, I can’t compare and make a recommendation…but one upside is that you’ll have a designated driver, and you (and anyone/everyone you’re with) can relax and enjoy the day!

      Please let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll do my best to help 🙂

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