My Bachelorette Party

I say this often, and I will never stop saying it – I have the best support system of girlfriends, and they mean the world to me. I am surrounded by strong, funny, courageous, beautiful women who inspire me and lift me up. The best part about getting married – besides walking down the aisle to Azim – was the love I felt from my best friends.

My co-moh, Hanan, planned the most “me” bachelorette I could have dreamed of, and I can’t wait to share the highlights in this post! She thought of every detail, and went above and beyond to make me feel special. I’m tearing up now just thinking about it.

We got the party started with a burlesque dance class at Brass Vixens on Queen Street! I love burlesque, and have always admired the confidence that burlesque dancers have – it’s SO empowering! We were not quite as sanguine, but taking a class helped us let loose and feel silly and laugh at ourselves – what’s better than that? πŸ™‚ It was a ton of fun, and I have pictures and videos to prove it…but most of those are staying in our group chat πŸ˜‰


Next we headed to THE COOLEST bar in Toronto – BarChef. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this place before my bachelorette party! It’s no secret that I love a good cocktail. I think creating a cocktail that is aesthetically pleasing, delicious, and which elicits just the right amount of inebriation and inhibition is an art. BarChef is like the Louvre.

BarChef Bachelorette

I had the absolute BEST time, sitting at a big table, surrounded by all my girlfriends, enjoying exquisite cocktails. Some might call these drinks over the top…but I am also over the top, so I loved the theatrics experience. Because each drink really is an experience – they come in plant pots, in bubble form, in a glass dome, with dry ice pouring over the edge…

Take in this description of a cocktail I tried called the “Old World”:

A Parisian parfumerie in liquid
form. Exceptional aromatics of
antique wood, herbaceous Davana,
soft smoke and untouched attic.
The flavour offers beautiful
depth with lingering oak and
roasted vanilla.

Yes, please!


It was a fabulous time. Also, if you are wondering, they make incredible mocktails as well! There is something for everyone to indulge in πŸ˜‰

After we stumbled back out onto Queen Street, it was time to head back to Hanan’s sister’s place for treats and games (thank you, Mona!!)

When I walked into the room, I was floored. Hanan had painstakingly decorated everything (she had a Pinterest board for this party before I even had one for my wedding, if that tells you anything πŸ˜€ ), including hanging tons of my favourite moments captured on film from pink helium balloons.

Jocelyn Caithness Bachelorette Party

She had an amazing charcuterie spread, sushi, and tons of food for us to soak up our afternoon at BarChef…although she did have a stocked bar as well πŸ™‚ She even bought bitters to try and make me Old Fashioneds.

My bridesmaids had all prepared games to play, including a marital version of the The Price is Right, Bridal Cards Against Humanity, Bridal Scattergories, and “Swing Your Ding-A-Ling” – do not ask me to explain that one. Azim even got involved in a sweet video that my incredible tv producer bestie put together πŸ™‚

At midnight the doorbell rang, and I have to admit I had a fleeting moment of panic over whether a stripper would be on the other side of the door, but no – Hanan knows me better than that! Instead, the perfect surprise was on the other side: a delivery of french fries.

I am so grateful to Hanan, and all of my friends for making it such an unforgettable bachelorette, and for lovingly coming together to celebrate me over and over again this past year – and always. I am truly the luckiest girl.


Thank you for reading!! Xo

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  • Looks like the best of times! I haven’t been to BarChef yet — it’s been on my list for years. But I’m thinking we are overdue for a date night. And I love that the night ended with french fries!!! I’m so glad you have such wonderful women who know how to celebrate you and the special moments in your life, as well as support you through all the not so great times ❀️