My Vintage Umbrella

When it comes to curating my wardrobe, I am a maximalist. I love novelty pieces, jollifiers, and one-of-a-kind items that act as an extension of who I am once I put them on. This vintage umbrella is a perfect example of that, and it perfectly exemplifies why a capsule wardrobe could never work for me.

Although I greatly commend minimalists and fans of capsule wardrobes (they are more sustainable!), I just can’t help but treat accessories like this one as art that I’m adding to a perfectly wearable collection.

And that is one very important aspect – although vintage, and quite decorative, it’s fully functional!

When Azim was home for the weekend, we had planned a couple of outfit shoots, but the rain didn’t look like it was going anywhere. What a perfect opportunity to pull out my gorgeous brolly – purchased at the most recent Toronto Vintage Show!

I planned my outfit around it – which might account for the preppy, Mary Poppins vibe happening πŸ™‚

I bought this J.Crew blazer second hand as well, from Thred Up! It cost me $30, and still had the tags on.

I added some sparkly shoes because…why not?

And pranced around Edwards Gardens πŸ™‚ The rain fortunately stopped, so we were able to walk around a little more than we thought we’d be able to, and enjoy the mild fall weather.

Thank you so much for reading! Xox

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