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Dear Santa

November 30, 2019 3 Comments

A few things I’ve been eyeing during all my Christmas shopping trips this year!

Kate Spade Notecards – I love these correspondence cards from Kate Spade! They make some of the most fun and cheeky stationery 🙂

Wax Seal Stamp – I recently purchased my first wax seal stamp (when I participated in the quill writing workshop), and I don’t know how I was ever posting letters without it. It’s such a gorgeous touch! I will say, it is not as easy to use as I thought…but practice makes perfect!

Guac Is Extra But So Am I: The Reluctant Adult’s Handbook – I flipped through this book in a boutique recently, and knew I needed it when I came across the section “We’re all just a few breakdowns away from becoming an interior designer or golf pro” – can relate.

Aritzia Asianna sweater – I was so sad when Aritzia didn’t bring back the “Mika” sweater…it’s the winter equivalent of my FAVOURITE Akira blouse. I have the Mika in many colours because it’s such a great fit for me. I have a short torso and don’t like tucking in longer sweaters and creating more bunching around my waist. This Asianna sweater is a great update! Aritzia wins the sweater game every time.

Swarovski Evil Eye earrings – Swarovski has the coolest tarot/astrology/symbolic line of jewellery right now! I especially love the evil eye and delicate hands in this design.

Naughty Florals sticker – I actually already bought this sticker at the One of a Kind Show recently – it was just too funny to pass up! I met the owner, who is an absolute peach. Support your local lady creators! Now what should I put this sticker on…

Wine and cheese date – I often say that good wine, food, and conversation is all you need to make lovely memories. I cherish these date nights with my friends and family, always 🙂 I hope to find time to do much more of this in 2020.

Salvatore Dalí Tarot Cards – Because, why not?


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  • lillian December 1, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    A variety of fun things!!

  • Laura December 2, 2019 at 8:07 am

    Ok those kate spade note cards and the f— off sticker are hilarious!!! Love that Artizia turtleneck as well. Hope Santa is good to you 🙂 Xoxo

  • Hanan December 2, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    Yaaassssss to the wax seals. The one you have chosen is so perfect bewitching! Will go great with Galaxy wax (which is a thing btw)

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