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Autumn Wardrobe Staples

October 13, 2020 1 Comment

The way I like to shop is to put together a list of staples each season, and fill in the gaps when necessary. I’ve put together my list of for autumn 2020 to share with you today! My list doesn’t change too much from year to year – but I will occasionally add in trendy pieces that I feel will remain timeless classics.

This collection can be used as a capsule wardrobe, or even a packing list because it’s super comprehensive! You can mix and match the below in so many different ways – it’s impossible to get bored, especially if you add in some additional accessories 🙂

The items


  • Trenchcoat: It’s really a year-round staple, and for good reason! Trenches are an excellent canvas, and elevate almost every outfit. They work well from day-to-night or office to weekend.
  • Jean jacket: Easily one of the most versatile pieces in my closet for casual-wear, because it plays so well with everything! Cozy turtleneck? Cute! Striped shirt? Cute! Black pants? Cuuute. Jeans?? You bet. Don’t @ me. Canadian tuxedos are a classic.
  • Leather jacket: A trench will take you far, and a jean jacket is dependable, but a leather jacket is cool. Finding your perfect fit makes all the difference.
  • Wool/plaid blazer: This is an example of a trend that I think will have major staying power. Plaid blazers are everywhere this season, but they’re timeless.


  • Navy sweater: I never, ever travel without a navy crewneck sweater. I’ve found my favourite one – it’s a merino wool blend from Banana Republic. I love it because I know I won’t feel self-conscious about being over- or under-dressed, and I know I can pair it with any bottom, or under any piece of outerwear and it will work!
  • Silky cami: This season I’m adding in a silky cami in a very trendy colour – a rich chestnutty brown. This hue is not only having a moment in fashion, but it’s definitely woven its way into the mid-century modern decor trend too. I love it!
  • Turtleneck: Instant chic.
  • Chambray shirt: A shirt version of the trusty jean jacket – see above. For casual-wear, there’s no better workhorse! It even works in semi-formal situations if you add some fancy pants, good earrings, and a bright lip 😉


  • Leather pants: Leather, or faux leather, adds beautiful texture to any outfit – and that’s what autumn dressing is all about! My favourite faux-leather can be found at Aritzia, but I’ve also been exploring some real leather options in the secondhand market. There is a selection of great vintage Danier leather pants on Poshmark!
  • Dark blue denim: No rips, no fading, just a rich dark blue. I have nothing against ripped jeans, but if I could only invest in or pack one pair for autumn, it would be a plain option that pairs well with everything else.
  • Midi skirt: Anyone can rock a midi-skirt – even my petite ladies! If you’re on the short side, I suggest buying one that falls juuust below the knee instead of mid-calf/closer to the ankle. It still has that midi look, without cutting your silhouette down.


  • Black ankle boots: I have worn several pairs of black ankle boots down until they’ve gone to shoe heaven. I love them, and always recommend them because they work well no matter what your body type or style is!
  • Black loafers: I think loafers dress up outfits really nicely, and look awesome paired with fun tights or socks. Bonus – black loafers are really a year-round staple, but work especially well in autumn 🙂
  • Leopard-print flats: These may not be for everyone, but I truly feel that leopard is a neutral. For a more edgy look, choose a pointed toe pair over a round toe.
  • Tall camel coloured boots: I love the look of tall boots under a midi-skirt, but they work really well with the crisp, dark blue denim as well!


  • Wool blanket scarf: A big bad scarf goes EVERYWHERE with me. I have a spring/summer version – usually linen or cotton, and an autumn/winter version – always wool. They are great for keeping warm, yes, but also do wonders if you’re feeling insecure about your outfit and want to artfully drape it just so.
  • Red/camel structured bag: Structured bags are another trend that always remains classic. I chose red for a pop of colour that pairs beautifully with the rest of the navy, camel, and grey tones. Red is a power colour and a I truly believe it works on everyone!


If you’ve already got all the staples, it’s time to embellish! Why not try some…

  • Fun tights: patterned tights are great, but it’s also worth it to invest in some grey, camel, and navy ones too to pair with your bottoms and create a monotone look.
  • Hats: I’m partial to berets, fedoras, beanies, floppy hats…not sure I’ve ever met a hat I didn’t like!
  • MORE scarves: Scarves and earrings are the easiest way to change up an outfit. Period.

Hope this was a helpful list for you! Thank you so much for reading xoxox


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  • Laura October 14, 2020 at 8:47 am

    This is such a great list!! Perfect for creating a capsule wardrobe and love all the pieces you chose. Thanks so much!

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