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Month in Moments: October

November 8, 2020 1 Comment

The month in which I moved to a different country, finally took time off work, celebrated the first of two Thanksgivings, and (kind of) learned how to cook. It was a good month 🙂

I’m writing this a little bit late, because the end of October/beginning of November was election-mania here in Michigan. It was all-consuming, and hard to take a break from, even though we aren’t American. Living in a battleground state during this time has been such an interesting experience!

But let’s take a look back at October, which was way less stressful for me than September (phew!). I moved to Michigan on October 2nd, then immediately took a week off work and enjoyed being reunited with Azim. I think the highlight of my year so far is finally feeling like my married life has begun 🙂

Here are a few more things that made me happy:

Moving to Ypsi and exploring

I shared a little bit about Ypsilanti in my last Month in Moments post, and this month I really started to get out and explore. I haven’t lived in a small town since my childhood, and I’m really enjoying it! I think long-term I am more of a city girl…but there’s something charming about the close community feel, and how all the beautiful amenities are in walking distance of each other.

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner

Ok, this was a big deal for me because I don’t cook – period. And admittedly, I didn’t make the hardest bit – the turkey. BUT I’m totally ok with that because turkey is the least exciting part about Thanksgiving dinner. Everybody knows the sides are where it’s at!!

On my Thanksgiving menu:

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Brown butter sweet potatoes with pecans
  • Honey butter creamed corn
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Gravy
  • Apple crisp

9/10 success because I forgot to make the stuffing. Otherwise, 11/10. Yes, I’m giving myself my own high score because it’s important to feel proud of one’s self after trying things for the first time!

My favourite eggs

Azim also cooks! He has perfected this one dish we’ve been calling “my favourite eggs”. It started out as a weekend breakfast dish, but sometimes I’ll ask him to make it for me for lunch if he’s home between classes, or just if I need some comfort food.

It’s a slice of sourdough grilled with olive oil, topped with cooked spinach, cheese, an over-easy egg, and everything-but-the-bagel seasoning. I love it. Azim will usually ask me if I want one or two, and I will say one, and he will bring me two because that’s love.

Staying in touch with loved ones

I have missed my family immensely over the past month, but my brother has been doing a good job of ensuring we FaceTime at least once a week. I also try to set time aside on my lunch breaks for catch-ups, and have been calling my grandparents more. Social distancing has been keeping us apart anyway, but moving far away has made me feel even more inclined to reach out. Hoping for a reunion one day soon 🙂

Poshmark U.S.

I have been pretty diligent with my budget…but that diligence started to slip once I switched my Poshmark app from Canada to the U.S.

Leather skirt and bag from Poshmark!

There is just SOOO much more selection in the U.S.! So I’ve been using the excuse that we’re only here temporarily, and because of this I should not say no to “once-in-a-lifetime” buys. Oh, the lies we tell.

Admittedly, I haven’t regretted anything I’ve purchased. I just know I could be saving more for the unattainable dream of home ownership near my family in Toronto. OH WELL.

Coffin-shaped nails

Look at my fun Halloween manicure! I shaped and painted these babies myself! I typically prefer an almond shape, but I thought I’d try these “coffin” shaped nails – very apropro for spooky season. I am definitely missing my manicures at The Retreat though…I know what my first stop will be once I’m back in Toronto 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely October! Thank you so much for reading xox


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  • Laura November 13, 2020 at 10:57 am

    So happy that you (finally) feel like married life has begun!! Enjoy small-town life and know that you are missed here in Toronto. Also, so impressed with your Thanksgiving dinner and awesome coffin nails. Xoxox

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