Outfit Drop – Starring in a Wes Anderson Film

There is just something about the cooling temperatures and shorter days that make me want to binge my favourite Wes Anderson films.

I am perpetually inspired by the wardrobes – whether it’s fur coats and dark eyeliner, knee high socks and berets, or a very well-fitted jacket. I would wear them all…and in fact, I quite often do! I have quite the collection of coloured coats and berets 🙂

My take on a more wearable version of a Wes Anderson outfit (subjective) is above. I’m thinking Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom mixed with Max Fischer from Rushmore, meeting Margot Tenenbaum for canapés?

Wear it for Halloween if you’d like, but I’d rock this everyday if I could – add opaque tights and a pastel-hued coat for colder weather!

My Bridal Shower

I debated back and forth for so long about having a bridal shower. I knew it would be a lot of work for my aunt, who graciously hosted, my MOH, who organized it, and my mom who does everything all the time. I also wondered if my guests would truly have fun – I couldn’t

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Wedding Planning – Where to Start?

I’ll be posting my wedding series in chronological order – I started with my wedding dress shopping experience, because I bought my gowns before I got engaged 🙂 Today’s post is all about how I started the planning process, which began pretty much the day after Azim popped the question! He thought I was crazy

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My Dress Shopping Experience

Technically, this post shouldn’t even be included in my wedding planning series because I bought my dresseS (yes, plural, there were two) before I even got engaged. Hear me out – when I went dress shopping, I wasn’t even planning on buying a dress at all. I had intended to wear my grandmother’s wedding dress

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