Outfit Drop – Black & White & Red

It’s often the little things that make an outfit come together, even if those little things aren’t seen by anyone but you. Colour coordinating from your lingerie and perfume through to your lipstick and shoes is a fun way to feel put together πŸ™‚

This is a pretty simple outfit – just a v-neck sweater on top of some basic cropped black pants – but it makes an impact. Sleek shoes and a trendy purse need only be topped off with statement earrings and chic sunglasses.

Wear this to meet your realtor to browse for properties on the left bank…or on a date, because you never know πŸ˜‰

Outfit Drop – Brunch on Queen West

This outfit is perfect for transitional weather, and would work equally as well in the fall if you swapped out the pastel boots for a rich caramel hue. As it is, I think the autumn-esque burnt orange nail polish clashes fabulously with the lilac footwear. The sherpa-lined denim jacket keeps it casual, but a classic

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School of Life

I am one of those people who decided to choose a “practical” degree when it came time to pursue my post-secondary education. I graduated with a B.Comm and loathed most of my time spent in classes. The only classes I seemed to enjoy were my electives – French, Astronomy vs. Astrology, Medieval History, Feminist Studies,

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Outfit Drop – Museum Hopping

I was flipping through my O magazine recently, and realized I have a habit of skipping to the Style section first to check out the outfit combinations, before going back to read the rest of the articles. I don’t subscribe to any fashion magazines anymore, but my favourite part of those used to be the

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