Gift Guide 2018 – Dear Santa

Here’s what I’m asking Santa for this year (aka my American Express card on boxing day 🙂 )

Row 1

Over the top pouf earrings from Kate Spade – Because they match my personality – so extra.

Belt bag from Zara – I am really enjoying the belt bag (fannypack) trend. I’ve come to realize that I am not a bag person. I am definitely obsessed with shoes, but I’ve worn the same black leather backpack I bought on eBay last year every single day. It has come with me to Paris, St. John’s, and San Francisco. It’s just so practical. Not exactly the word I’d use to describe my overall style, but when it comes to bags, practicality wins. I need my hands free! The belt bag is a nice way to switch it up from the backpack. Now to decide, camel or black?

Candycane PJs from J.Crew – I love getting and giving pyjama sets as a gift. I’ll say it again – a cute PJ set means you’re basically wearing a cute outfit to bed!

Row 2

Rosegold Pop Socket – I truly didn’t understand what the hype was over these thingies. I thought their only purpose was to help provide a better grip for selfies. I have come to learn that they can work as a phone stand too – excellent for when I want to watch YouTube and do my hair, and don’t want to lug my laptop into the bathroom). I think I need one.

Vitamin C moisturizer from the Body Shop – It’s always great to restock on beauty staples at a good price, and I love grabbing this bomb moisturizer during the post-Christmas sales. It’s a gel-like consistency, which absorbs super quickly and acts like the perfect primer for any makeup I put on top.

Gold hoop earrings – This pair is from Mango, I like that they’re a little thicker than the average hoop, but I’ll probably pick up a pair from anywhere! I already have lots of statement earrings, but no simple hoops!

Row 3

AMAZING sunshine yellow coat from Kate Spade – The colour! The buttons! The faux fur! This is my idea of perfection  With a wedding coming up next year, I can’t justify spending this much on a coat now. But I’m keeping an eye on it for boxing day…

Swan pitcher from Anthropologie – This is just adorable, completely kitschy, and totally unnecessary. I love it.

Black tracksuit – Going back to the practicality piece – I have a need for comfy clothing. My wardrobe for work and cute outfits is definitely not lacking any pieces, but I don’t have any “loungewear” for running errands. Maybe Azim is rubbing off on me – he’s always wearing athleisure clothing. Or as he says, clothing he could easily run from the apocalypse in. Does he know something I don’t?

Thanks for reading  🙂 xox

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