French Girl Style

I stumbled upon this “5 Piece French Wardrobe” list on Pinterest, and thought it was genius. Truthfully, I’m a “more is more” kind of dresser, but this list provides the perfect starting point for building an effortlessly chic wardrobe. It’s also a very handy list to use when packing a suitcase. You’re guaranteed not to run out of outfits, because the premise of this list is to provide you with many mix-and-match options.


  • Silk blouse + Leather jacket + Boyfriend jeans + Classic flats + Gold watch + Clutch =
    Running errands on the weekend
    Brunching with the girls
  • Grey tank + Cashmere sweater + Leather pants + Mid-heel ankle boots + Leather bag + Silk scarf + Everyday ring =
    Shopping by yourself
    Going to get your passport photo taken
    Running into your ex-boyfriend
    Looking like you generally have your shit together
  • Black dress + Trench coat + Silk scarf + Classic Flats + Diamond studs + Clutch =
    Meeting your S.O.’s parents
    Going to the ballet
    When you happen to run into a street style photographer
  • Black suit + Black stilettos + Gold watch + Leather bag =
    Job interview
    Running the show
  • White button up + Boyfriend blazer + Black skirt + Sneakers + Everyday ring =
    People watching at a cafe
    Visit to the gyno
    Your niece’s birthday party

And I thought I wasn’t good at math!

Clare Owen



Seventies Vibe

So I’ve been sick since Friday. Like pathetically sick, blowing through kleenex boxes, and lying in bed all day weekend watching The Mindy Project. Pizza may have been involved. I’m sure you guys find this fascinating.

On to better things! Like these jeans, which I like to call “trouser cut”, but let’s be real, they are full out bell bottoms. I think as long as they’re paired with the right top and accessories, they won’t look too over the top groovy. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking groovy. I actually wish we included that word more in everyday conversation :) I opted to pair my groovy pants with a tailored jacket, and soft pink collared shirt. The combination of these elevates the jeans to a more sophisticated look.

My favourite addition though, has to be these unique earrings. My friend Gabriela gave them to me, as they are part of her lovely collection. She sells swimwear and accessories, and since I am not prone to exercising (see above where I binged on Netflix and pizza), I decided to take her accessories out for a spin. Her earrings are incredible! I’ll be featuring another pair later this week.

Happy Monday! xo






Jacket – Anthropologie / Shirt – Joe Fresh / Jeans – Fidelity / Bag – Coach / Earrings – KGWorld 

Fall Shopping Cart

To cape, or not to cape? There is no question. TO CAPE!!! I am so excited for my new House of Kcart cape which I’m going to wear until the Canadian winter threatens to freeze my arms off.
I also plan on wearing a lot of hats this Fall. I just watched The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and absolutely loved the 60s inspired wardrobe – it was absolutely dreamy. Especially all of the beautiful hats! I’m obsessed! I’m going to make it my mission this season to visit all of Toronto’s talented milliners, because we actually have quite a few in the city!
I also love wearing elbow-length leather gloves with my capes, or really brightly coloured driving gloves, but I couldn’t find any online. I think I’m jumping just a little too far ahead…

fall wishlist

Pink pom-pom cap by Kate Spade
Black wide brim fedora by F21
Grey fedora by Janessa Leone
Lipstick in “Bitch Perfect” by Charlotte Tilbury (this colour is SO GOOD I DIE)
Cape by House of Kcart
Lipstick in “Glastonbury” by Charlotte Tillbury (yaaassss)
Pink pump by Banana Republic
Over the Knee sexy perfect boot by Stuart Weitzman
Camo shootie by Banana Republic 


Beach in Malaga

We didn’t spend our entire Spanish vacation driving around and adventuring – there were definitely a few days spent lounging luxuriously by the pool and on the beach. But I don’t know how interested you are in hearing about that: First I tanned on my back, then I tanned on my stomach, then I ate some icecream, then I frolicked in the waves, repeat.
ALTHOUGH, I did have one notable moment! I went into the Mediterranean sea TOPLESS! It’s very common to see women tanning topless on Mediterranean beaches, but I’ve never had the chance to partake. There’s no way I’d do it on a family vacation, and then when I was studying in the South of France, I didn’t want to be topless on the beach with my classmates, and then have to see them in school. Awkward. But while on vacation with Linda? Perfect opportunity! And she totally encouraged me to do it, which felt great! Wahoo! It felt so freeing to swim basically naked in broad daylight hehe. I can cross that off the bucket list.

Gibraltar Rock

So besides our beach days, we had another adventure to Gibraltar. Successfully this time! We had learned our lesson, and dutifully brought our passports with us the second time. We left early in the morning, and had some bad luck with the weather. Unfortunately it was extremely cloudy, and we couldn’t even see the top of the rock at one point. Nevertheless, we trekked on and decided to make our way up anyway. I was surprised at how unorganized Gibraltar seemed to be – the street signs were not very helpful for tourists, and Linda and I spent a good deal of time wandering around before we found the gondolas to take us up. Even though Gibraltar is under British rule, you can totally see the Spanish influence!

Gibraltar Fog

Gibraltar Monkeys

I was most excited to see the monkeys. When we got to the top I was blown away! There were so many monkeys everywhere, and I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie. Because it was so cloudy, we couldn’t see over the edge of the rock, but clouds and fog were literally billowing up over the fortified edge and gates. It was very cool. So although I didn’t get to see Africa from up there (on a clear day you can see directly across the strait!), it was still an unbelievable experience.
I was also the luckiest tourist. We had been warned explicitly not to touch the monkeys, as they get stressed out from human contact. I tried to keep a safe distance from them, but I think one of them really had a crush on me…

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A Dreamy Summer Evening

I was feeling very retro when I put this outfit together. Anytime I wear a silk scarf I happen to feel retro and stylish. This beautiful slip of pink silk – vintage Christian Dior – brings me back to a time when women wore lipstick just to run errands, and men always wore hats.

We took these photos in Edwards Gardens, in the early evening just as the light started to turn all dreamy. I love these gardens, which are just a short drive from my home – although driving anywhere in these heels is impossible. I’d rather go barefoot :)

I found a playlist for you to listen to, which pairs perfectly with this post…

Dreamy Summer Evening

Dreamy Summer Evening

Dreamy Summer Evening

Dreamy Summer Evening

Dreamy Summer Evening

Dreamy Summer Evening

Dreamy Summer Evening

Dreamy Summer Evening

Scarf (worn as headband) – Christian Dior (vintage) / Sunnies – Karen Walker / Earrings – J.Crew / Dress – Joe Fresh / Clutch – J.Crew / Shoes – Zara

How to Shake a Bad Mood


Last week I had a case of the Mean Reds. Oh it was awful. I felt totally unproductive, I couldn’t help but compare myself to every other Instagram account I follow, and I wallowed in self-pity. Waaahh.

It happens to the best of us! And I am self-aware enough to know that I’m extremely in touch with my emotions, or as my boyfriend fondly says “really, really sensitive”. I’m ok with that. When I’m happy, I’m prone to solo dance parties in front of the mirror, when I’m sad I need at least two chocolate croissants and to cry in bed for an hour or so darling.

There’s no real cure for the Mean Reds, but I thought I’d write a little bit about what I like to do to shake them off. We’ve all been there right? And if you haven’t been there, then please call me because I’d like to buy whatever you’re on :)

1) Ride it out

Throw yourself a pity party, and don’t feel guilty for doing it! Get it out, get it all out (and maybe record yourself so you can get a good laugh out of it later). Venting is healthy, in my opinion. It’s terrible to bottle things up, and act passive aggressively towards the people around you. On that same note, if you’re venting, try not to take it out on everybody else. It’s usually the people we love the most who try to stick by us during our dark times.

2) Ask someone wiser than you for a pep-talk, or their best advice

I think all my best friends are wiser than me. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such level-headed, smart cookies. I also like talking to my parents, old teachers, mentors, etc. Sometimes people won’t get exactly what you’re going through, but that’s ok. You can learn something new from anyone, because everyone knows something you don’t know. Whoooaaaaaa.
I also found this really cool pep-talk generator, and the first click took me to the exact paragraph of wisdom I needed in my life:

You know how you’ve been feeling directionless? You have the potential and the drive, but you lack the clarity. It’s OK. Everyone goes through a quarter life crisis. You’re meant to be experiencing this discomfort so that you become aware, at a profound level, what you’re made of and the things that don’t resonate with you. Think of it as a muscle that’s tearing and burning. That’s the only way it can grow and become strong and toned. Start with what you know, take the first step, and the rest will reveal itself in due time. There is NO way you can anticipate everything now. Trust the process.
Cynthia Cortina

3) Do something you love, or just do something

It can be hard to crawl out of your cocoon of self-pity, but you have to try. Start small. Last week I started really small by just rewatching some of my favourite classic movies. I am a classic movie junkie, and for me it’s an activity that I usually do alone since none of my friends watch movies made before 1995. I watched Sabrina, and The Seven-Year Itch back-to-back and I didn’t even have to get out of bed. They instantly made me a little happier. Just going for a walk, or maybe alphabetizing your perfume collection, or throwing out all your single socks – little things can make you feel productive, and that’s one step in the right direction.


These next two tips are really cheesy and annoying, I’m sorry, but they’re the damn truth:

4) Count your blessings

I know, when you’re feeling sorry for yourself the last thing you want to hear is “well at least you HAVE a job”, or “Jocelyn, some people can’t even buy shoes and you’re sad you can’t buy those in two colours?” Give yourself a kick in the butt, because you need to get over yourself (or at least pretend to because everyone will think you’re really selfish). But, seriously. If you’re reading this right now on your laptop or smartphone, you are already so much luckier than the majority of humans on this earth. You have people in your life who love you, you likely have access to fresh water, education, and healthcare. Please, do something good for someone else who needs your help. And if you really can’t, then maybe you need to ask for help yourself. There is no shame in asking for help, and you may be surprised at how many people are willing to hold your hand, or light the way if you just can’t manage.

5) Exercise – ew.

I KNOW. I hate myself for even writing this, but yes, exercise really helps. Science has proven it, so you can’t even argue really. I actually find that the hardest part is just getting off my ass and changing into my workout clothes. Once I’m ready, it’s like I’ve committed so I better just get it over with. Don’t be too hard on yourself – maybe you can only manage a short walk around the block, and that’s ok! I like to watch Jillian Michaels so I can at least curse at her for yelling at me through the screen. Exercise works, end of story.

If I had to leave you with my own pep-talk or words of advice, I’d say this: stop comparing yourself to people around you. If I’ve learned anything in my twenty-five years, it’s that everyone moves at their own pace, and everyone is on their own unique path. It’s really hard these days with social media shoving everyone else’s accomplishments in our faces, but take a step back. Get some perspective. Or just look at this picture!

And lastly, If you feel like you need a friend, please shoot me a message! I can’t promise to solve your problems, but I can absolutely listen to you and maybe even prescribe a good classic movie.



Backyard Chill

I was getting ready to do a photo shoot for a personal style post, but as I was flipping through my magazine I got distracted…
add some pinot grigio and beautiful sunshine and there was no way I was leaving my backyard. So we decided just to take a few shots – this is “behind the scenes” if you will. Just chillin’ at home, enjoying some downtime :)

Have a relaxing weekend! xoxo

Backyard Chill

Backyard chill

Backyard chill

Backyard Chill

Cluny Bistro


One thing I will never take for granted in Toronto is the incredible variety of cuisine we have available. Our restaurant game is strong! I think the best way to take advantage of our ever-expanding food scene is to use OpenTable to easily make reservations online, and keep track of them in the app on my iPhone. Their service is so quick and easy, and they’re working on neat features for Torontonians such as collecting points to earn free meals, and mobile payment.

I used OpenTable to make my brunch reservation at Cluny last weekend. I immediately received email confirmation, I was able to add it to my calendar, and I shared the reservation with my boyfriend who was accompanying me to the restaurant. There’s no way I would have forgotten the rezzo, since I’ve been looking forward to going to Cluny for sooo long, but I have occasionally forgotten a lunch or dinner meeting before – using OpenTable eliminates that risk!


 Cluny’s brunch was even better than I expected it to be. First and foremost, the interior design is spectacular. The floor tiles are probably the most instagrammed part of the restaurant :) But I think the attention to detail everywhere is incredible. They have a gorgeous bread table in the middle of the restaurant, impeccable flower arrangements, and lots of natural light. I loved it.


The meal itself was delicious. I opted for the spinach galette. This is one of my favourite things to eat while I’m in Paris, and you just can’t find them here. They are the traditional way to eat savoury crepes, but our definition of crepes seems to just consist of the sweet kind. Galettes are made with buckwheat flour and are crispier (and more delicious in my opinion). Yum!


My boyfriend ordered the baked vanilla and chocolate French toast, and it was heavenly. It tastes just as good as it sounds. It was topped with Chantilly cream and lots of fresh berries. We topped off our meal with their custom mimosas. Instead of the standard orange juice and bubbly, you can choose from an assortment of freshly squeezed juices. I chose strawberry and guava! Mmmmmmm.


We took a look at the private dining rooms (which would be perfect for a wedding or engagement party…:)) and then ordered some pastries from their mini café on the way out (I can’t resist a macaron, ever.) I’m looking forward to visiting the restaurant again for dinner, to see if it can live up to my brunch experience!





This post is in collaboration with OpenTable. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own :)