Trench Weather

Happy weekend once again! Today I’m coming to you with one of my favourite layering pieces: a sleeveless trench. I think these vests are so cool, both in warmer weather and in autumn. They look cool with no sleeves underneath, as I’m wearing here, but I like wearing a long-sleeved striped shirt underneath too.
I used to work at a very trendy retail store when I was a teenager, and one of their dressing rules included wearing no less than four layers. FOUR!! Which meant maybe a printed cami, a lace top over it, a blazer, and then a statement necklace. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
But I can see why they would try and enforce that rule – layering really does add a little something extra to an otherwise boring outfit.
I’ve been in an out of airports the past few weeks, and I’ve layered more than I’ve ever done in my life. I packed for all types of weather, and had to wear my heaviest sweaters, scarves, and jacket, while traveling through 30 degree heat in Malaga. I was the sweatiest fashionista of them all.

My trip is coming to an end, and I am devastated. But one positive thing is that I get to relive it all again when I write travel posts over the next couple of weeks! Look forward to lots of great pictures, which you may have already seen if you’ve been following along on Instagram!






Trench – Tommy Hilfiger / Cami – Aritzia / Skirt – Winners / Shoes – Stella McCartney / Clutch – American Apparel / Sunnies – Karen Walker

Happy Canada Day!

I hope you are all enjoying the day off, and reflecting on how lucky we are to call this magnificent country home :) I am celebrating overseas, while in Stockholm! My Swedish friends are fascinated by all the weird things that make us “Canadian” (most surprised that milk comes in plastic bags, haha!).

This isn’t a festive outfit per se, but I do think it’s very summery! How often do we get to wear shorts in Canada? Not very often, even in our warmer months! These little scalloped shorts always make me happy when I put them on – scalloped edges, pink and white, perfection :)

Canada Day 1

Canada Day 2

These shoes are a happy memory for me. They’re from Zara (older season), and I looked for them everywhere in my size for months. I made my friends check the Zaras in their neighbourhoods, I stalked them online, I couldn’t get my hands on them! I had basically given up…
At their semi-annual sale, I didn’t even have them on my mind anymore, but as I was leaving the store, that gorgeous pepto-bismol pink caught my eye! I found the LAST pair in the store and they were my size!! Match made in heaven <3

Canada Day 3

Canada Day 4

Canada Day 5

Canada Day 6

Hat – Randomly bough on NYC sidewalk / Top – Asos / Shorts – Club Monaco / Shoes – Zara / Clutch – Asos

The Island

Toronto Island

The Toronto Islands are probably my favourite part of Toronto. In the winter, they are almost entirely inaccessible, but in the summer, they are an oasis. Known familiarly to Torontonians as just “The Island”, the Toronto Islands are actually comprised of several islands – Ward’s Island, Centre Island, Algonquin Island and Olympic Island (there are a few more but they are mostly just forestry).

There are ferry boats that operate all summer long, as well as water taxis. I love taking the ferry; it’s a beautiful view of Toronto’s skyline, and a very peaceful and short ride.

Here are some of my favourite features of the island:

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I never used to like to wear blazers. This is probably because I’d associate them with the boxy, corporate outfits that scream GREY-BEIGE-BORING!! But now, blazers have become a staple for me. They add polish to most outfits, and I always feel more dressed up when I put one on. This outfit would have been cool as just shorts, and a white shirt. But I think the blazer (and the heels!) give it “don’t-mess-with-me” vibe.

In other news, my mom thinks I shouldn’t use the word “fuck” on my blog. It’s just not ladylike! But fuck is one of my favourite words, you just can’t replace it sometimes. What do you guys think? Does it ruin my refined image? :D

Manic Monday1

Manic Monday 2

Manic Monday 3

Manic Monday 4

Manic Monday 5

I’m writing to you from Stockholm, after just spending the past week in Spain. Look for some travel themed posts about my trip coming up in July! Lots of love xooxx

Blazer – Zara / Shirt – J.Crew / Shorts – J.Crew / Shoes – Sophia Webster / Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Why Don’t You?


Try a type of food you’ve never eaten before? I just recently had bibimbop for the first time, and I can’t wait to go to Weslodge and try a Scotch Egg

Spray paint your handles pink?

Buy a large pitcher, some delicious tea, and keep it iced in your fridge all summer long?

Bring a disposable camera to your next get-together, and have your friends snap pictures all night long? Get the film developed and drop them off to your friends the next time you see them – with a little note on the back :) :) Facebook captions, IRL!

Buy your BFFL/Bae/cat a little present just because? Hint: This is nice, and so is this!

Eat breakfast for dinner? Who doesn’t like the sound of Mexican Scrambled Eggs with some vino? And you can’t go wrong with nutella French toast.

Buy a square silk scarf, and wear it all summer? Tie it into your braid, on to your purse handle, wear it as a belt, and especially on your head when you drive in your convertible and into the sunset.

Make your own icecream at home, without a machine, and only two key ingredients?

Claim a signature cocktail? Master the recipe for just one, really delicious bevvy, and break it out at every dinner party!

Write me an message? Thank you so much for following along. This month of blogging has been great, and I’d love to hear what you think :)

The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train

I picked up this book because I was in the mood for something creepy, and also because there was so much hype around it. It has been heralded as the next “Gone Girl”, and I would really have to disagree.

Yes, the story is a thriller, and yes there is a SURPRISE! twist at the end, but I wouldn’t say it floored me the way Gone Girl did. Actually, I had figured out the ending well before I reached it, while simultaneously hating all the characters as I went. In Gone Girl, I knew that Amy was one fucked up sociopath – but I had to admire her. Also, as an aside, how flawless was Rosamund Pike in the movie??

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I post a lot of outfits that I wear gallivanting around the city, outside of my full time job. There’s no way I could wear linen short shorts or chambray shirts to the office.

This summer, we’ve been allowed to wear “business casual” during the week, and I’ve taken on my own interpretation that. Today’s post is a perfect example! I’m wearing my favourite dress pants from Banana Republic (the “Sloan” fit is everything), along with a classic v-neck sweater. I added the scarf underneath my sweater, which is a look I saw on J.Crew’s mannequins this past autumn. Isn’t it interesting? I think it makes this look a little more special.


Werk 2

The scarf looks like a pretty necklace, when layered underneath the shirt!

Werk Details

Werk 3

Have a wonderful weekend :) Thanks for following along while I’m on vacation in Sweden…and also Spain! Check out my Instagram and Twitter for more!

Sweater – J.Crew / Pants – Banana Republic / Shoes – J.Crew / Scarf – Hermès / Bag – Burberry / Sunnies – Karen Walker

Mad Men’s 25 Best Looks

I’m so sad Mad Men is over. So sad in fact, that I haven’t watched any of the last season yet at all. About a month ago, I started all over again from Season 1, just to prolong the inevitable ending.

Megan Draper

Mad Men is a visual feast for anyone that appreciates fashion. The care and attention that went in to the costumes is incredible. I happened upon this link from Bazaar which showcases Mad Men’s “25 Best Looks”, and just loved seeing the transition from the conservative fifties to the swinging seventies. Mad Men has a way of making me nostalgic for a time I didn’t even live through.

Midi Skirt

I have this problem when I tuck shirts and blouses into higher waisted skirts: the shirt always puffs around the waistline, resulting in me looking far wider than I really am. This can be avoided if I wear skin tight layering shirts, but I don’t always want to do that. So I usually take a button up and tie the ends around my waist. Problem solved.

Midi Skirt

Midi Skirt 2

Midi Skirt 3

Midi Skirt 4

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far! Remember that Luminato and Pride are both on, along with many other amazing events in Toronto such as the Toronto Jazz Festival! I love summer.

Shirt – Old Navy / Skirt – Mendocino / Shoes – J.Crew / Clutch – Kate Spade / Earrings – Banana Republic

High Park

I think we Torontonians like to make the most of our summer months, since we spend the rest of the year freezing! I’d like to feature another “outdoors” area this week: High Park, Toronto’s largest and prettiest park, located in the west end of the city.

Cherry Blossoms in High Park

Shakespeare in High Park

High Park is 399 acres, and has a zoo, many playgrounds, sports facilities, a waterfront (of sorts), and lots of cool events. Some of these events include the cherry blossom blooming, fitness classes (Zumba in the Park!), Doors Open Toronto, and informational nature sessions (50 Shades of Green, it’s real.). My favourite event which happens every summer is Shakespeare in High Park!

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